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    UI sometimes bugs out when logging in

    for a while now - whenever I log onto any toon, my UI will be too large. As shown:

    A simple fix is to type out /console reloadui
    however - it keeps happening. Not always, but once/twice a week. Has anyone else had this problem? Could be a conflict with bartender4 or x-perl? Any other suggestions?


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    Is the UI scaling feature being changed? Do you play in fullscreen at a resolution much lower than your desktop?
    Make sure it's unchecked. System -> Advanced > UI Scale.

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    I play in windowed mode, with 1920x1200 resolution. (note: windowed, not windowed fullscreen, though I do maximize the window.)

    The UI scale is not checked.

    But the problem lies with the UI scale getting screwy, but is fixed with a simple console reload. It does one minor change after that... my x-perl frame target of target is moved. Its another quick fix - but would like to avoid it all together.

    Perhaps its because I play in windowed mode?
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    Quite possibly it is, RemJay.... although going to "windowed fullscreen" may fix it.
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    I'll try to force myself into playing with windowed/full and see if I ever get it again

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    you only have the problem when loggin in? i have to /reload anytime i do anything lol.

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    Uh, I've got used to be like this. So, if necessary, I wouldn't log in the UI.

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    I get the same in window mode. Sometimes my UI is too small. I don't reloadui or log though, I just click the title bar to reset normal size window, then double click it again to maximize, and the UI is back to normal.

    Definately a scaling bug just while loading.
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