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    [H] Rhythm - 10man - 8/16HC - Recruiting DPS/Tank

    Hello and thank you for reading our recruitment post
    Rhythm is a 10man guild on Tarren Mill Horde, The Core of our guild have a long history with raiding history dating back to vanilla. Our main aims are to enjoy the game/raid content and have fun in our raids. We keep a nice friendly atmosphere in raids.

    We raid 3 days a week on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, From 19:30 till 23:00
    Our current progress is MSV 5/6 - HoF 3/6 - ToE 0/4

    We're currently looking for
    2 DPS - Mage + 1 other(melee or ranged)
    1 Tank - Pref not warrior

    If your interested in applying head over to


    Or contact an Officer in game
    Svartengel, Saxxon, Zandalah, Vokar
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