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    Message from a Raid Leader

    Message from a Raid Leader

    I wanted to share something that just happened in my group this week as a message to every raider out there that is committed to your raid team. Our offtank has been with the group now for about a year, and has been an excellent addition to the team. He has shown his dedication by consistently showing up on time, prepared, and with the attitude that we are going to kill bosses. He keeps the mood light and fun, and is just overall a great person to be around.

    On Tuesday this week, mid fight he announces that his monitor just went blank and won’t turn on again. Eventually he is able to get it back on, but it keeps cutting out every few minutes. We try to talk him through some possible issues, but at the end of the day, the monitor was just busted. We know the offtank just lost his job a month ago and was in a tough spot for money as it is, so we started to worry if we were going to lose him for a while until he got a new monitor.

    Come to find out that during one of the brief moments the monitor was on, one of my veteran raiders managed to get his home address. That raider then went to tigerdirect and got a new monitor sent to the offtank’s house. It just arrived today.

    The moral of this story is that this should be a message to the world out there that we are not just a group of nerdy basement dwellers playing some stupid game. We are real people who forge real friendships over the years. I have to honestly say that I am proud to be a part of a team that cares about each other not only in game, but IRL as well. This is a thank you to all raiders out there who make your individual teams succeed.

    Thanks again,

    A Grateful Raid Leader

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    This is why I enjoy raiding, and this is why I enjoy WoW in general. Great to see you have one hell of a group of guys you raid with!

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    Cool story bro...

    No seriously I mean that

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    Awesome testimonial to the .0000000001% of players.

    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    I love stories like this.

    Kills me when I see people saying their online friends aren't "real" because I know to many others and to me as well, my online friends are just as real as a long-distance real life friend and I always want the best for them.

    It's one reason I tend to stay in friendly "casual" guilds for a long time. Glad to hear you had something nice like this happen in yours.

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    That's a nice message! Good on you for doing that for him! ^_^

    in before the inevitable "enablement", "Entitlement", "spoiling", "socialism", "too lazy to get a job", "will expect more", ect... nonsense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoomin View Post
    This is why I enjoy raiding, and this is why I enjoy WoW in general. Great to see you have one hell of a group of guys you raid with!
    Agreed, I really can't enjoy raiding unless I'm in a team of just friends. Nothing effects morale more like having one bad egg in there.

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    There's an excess of herd mentality in many want-to-be 'great' guilds, always looking around and reading trying to pick up tips so their guild will be more successful. I hope that people from those guilds will read this thread and follow your example in how you support your people. This is what really makes a guild great; not progression or angling for the very latest almost-exploit or strategy.

    Well done. You sound like a great bunch of people.
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    A similar situation happened in my guild a couple years ago, only it was a headset instead of a monitor, and it was given because everyone else was tired of this particular guildy's mic feedback from his desktop speakers =P Oh, and the headset that was shipped to him was bright pink, of course. He used it anyway, lol.

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    These stories are rare most people wouldn't even bother. Still I guess great for him.

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    I moved cities 3 years ago, in that time 2 of my previous friends have come to see me once and the others not at all (although I visit my old city every few months since my parents live there). Now, I don't expect them to come down, it's expensive flying and I chose to move but I've had 2 WoW friends come to visit (although I live with 2 others that play WoW and are in the same guild) during that time.

    WoW friends can absolutely be as good/better than friends that you spend time with regularly.

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    Similar thing happened to me...
    my router fried and it would have taken quite a while to replace (I had also just lost job). So a guildie of mine (and fellow raid member) told me he'd send me one of his older ones. Turns out, he bought a brand new one for me. ^_^

    Sadly, that guild did later die off and we've both moved on. But we do keep in touch (mostly bragging about our newest achievements/mounts - cuz we pick on each other like that).

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    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    Awesome testimonial to the .0000000001% of players.

    That would be ~1/100,000th of a player.

    For that matter, that's less than 1% of a human. (.0000000001% = one divided by one trillion)
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    Faith in humanity effectively restored Thank that generous person for me! What a great story

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    Great story. Thanks for sharing

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    What a heart warming story, thanks for sharing OP.
    Quote Originally Posted by want my Slimjim View Post
    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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    Ou guild has similar stories. We've had keyboards, headsets, even a new laptop mailed out to raiders from other helpful raiders. One of our members (a casual, not a raider, but someone we all adore) had just lost their home, and some very generous guild members helped them out by sending money via paypal. I love my guild =)

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    We certainly have a problem with being anonymous jerks within the community, but we take care of our friends. It's good to hear stories reminding us of that.

    I've bought friends game time, miscellaneous peripherals, and twice have offered my couch to guildmates who were in the area to save on hotel costs.

    Sometimes something as little as a month of gametime can really make a struggling friends' day. Although as a subscription-based game, we probably don't have a lot of players who are really truly poor, I know that WoW has a lot of players who are students at university, or who have a lot of time to play because they are disabled and cannot work, or because they are unemployed. $15 can go a long way for them.
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    I have a similar story. One of my guildies had his mother board burn out on him. One of my other guild members (through me) managed to send him one over night. Our healer wasnt even offline 48hrs. Plenty of time for the next raid.

    We have a close knit of friends from that guild. Though, that guild is all but gone and we are in different guilds, we all still keep in touch. We still pull together and get into each others guild groups, help each other with game time, if needed. Buy each other vanity pets and mounts or just give gold on each others birthdays. One friend recently gave my wife and I "Heart of the Aspect" mounts for our 12th anniversary.

    So; as the OP stated, we are more than just a bunch of nerds playing a stupid game. I have met and know many WoW players in real life and several of us talk on the phone and spend time going to visit one another. I believe this is what a player community should be like, though some may see this as going too far.

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    Speaking of my monitor broke too..
    Regen#1804 need NA overwatch friends.

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