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    Patch 5.2: Can i transmog my main hand weapon to a 1h weapon?

    With 5.2 there will be alot transmogging changes, but will i also be able to transmog my 1h to look like a main hand? cause i just found a cool main hand weapon wich look i cant use now.

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    There will be little to no more main hand weapons in the game after 5.2. There still will be some, but less than 20 or so. So more than likely, your main hand will become a one hand.

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    Wel thats good to hear. i just did naxx for armegeddon, but a found a cool main hand weapon. nice to hear its becomming 1h

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    Life and Death correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by twopacuafina View Post
    Life and Death correct?
    I can confirm that Life and Death transmogs to a 1H weapon, my warrior is dual wielding them on PTR. Things do change when patches go live though.

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    yeah life and death, hope when 5.2 really lauches it will be the same:P

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    Is there a page in which we can check which weapons will still remain as main hand weapons?

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