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    [A] Late night 25-man Raiding Guild LFM

    Dilution is a late-night, adult-only, 25-man guild located on the Malygos server (Alliance/US/Normal). Our focus is on PvE progression. Our current progression as of this post is 10/16, but up-to-the-minute progression is available at WoW Progress.

    We raid only NINE hours/week. Our raid times are Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM Server Time (9 PM - Midnight PST). Loot distribution is managed by the EPGP (dkp reloaded) add-on available at curse. The add-on provides up-to-the-minute epgp standings in-game.

    Many of our members are west coasters, thus our play-times are set for after we come home from work, have dinner, put the kids to bed, etc. Our members are all adults. Many of us have children. Please don't apply if you're not an adult. You may be a great player, but we aren't going to consider someone still in high school when we raid until the AM. You must be a team player: For progression encounters, we WILL put the best team in for the fight, in order to succeed.

    Our current openings are as follows. Our most critical need at the moment is for DPS and a DPS/Healer Hybrid who has raid-ready gear for both specs. Classes listed as High are the most needed. We need a few more *CONSISTENT* raiders to round out our 25-man team. Currently we typically have about 22-23 raiders in our 25-man raids which is fine for farm bosses but problematic for progression bosses.

    Death Knight: Medium
    Druid: Low
    Hunter: Low
    Mage: Low
    Monk: High
    Paladin: Medium
    Priest: Low
    Rogue: High
    Shaman: High
    Warlock: High
    Warrior: Low

    If you are a positive raider that listens to directions, plays your class well, and consistently attends raids, come join us! Please apply at dilution shivtr com if interested (insert periods). Sorry for the weird url but this site wouldn't take a post with links until I "post a few times." SIGH
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