<Space People> located on Maelstrom, is a Tuesday through Thursday 10 man raiding guild full of friends who enjoy killing monsters. We're 7/16H. We are looking for an immediate healer for the upcoming week and onwards leading into the excellent looking patch that is 5.2

We raid from 7 server (central time zone) to 11 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and add Wednesday for progression when we see fit, usually the first few months of a tier.

We are in high and immediate need of a Holy Paladin, but any Resto Shamans or Druids feel free to apply.

We expect the obvious; knowledge of class and fights, great awareness and ability to listen on vent. Attendance is a must, and any days that one cannot make it should let us know a day or two in advance, the sooner the better. While we only raid 8-12 hours a week depending on if Wednesdays are currently in session, we expect to get that full 8-12 hours, formed up and pulling trash by no later than 7:05 server. These hours are pretty casual, as we are a very laid back guild, while still steadily progressing. Having a good attitude and sense of humor helps us accomplish that. We're all good friends and have been raiding together for a good amount of time, and often do other things together outside of raiding. We want to have fun while raiding, not slouching at our computers angry with the world.

As far as loot goes, we use a council system based on performance, attendance, and what you are replacing compared to others. Whatever helps us progress that much quicker. While attendance and performance should never be in question, it basically comes down to what helps us as a group the most in the long run. Just whisper me the piece of gear you would be replacing and it is then handled amongst officers and myself.

PM me in game for more info at Wingless#1601