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    Don't know how to make gold

    Hi guys, I have 4 professions.. Alchemy, Herbalism, Tailoring, and Enchanting. These professions are supposed to be good professions for profit right?
    Well, I really have no idea what I'm doing wrong.
    With alchemy for instance: I make 1 Living steel a day, make some flasks and that's it. (Elixir master)
    Tailoring: Make a daily dream cloth and or make a 476 ilvl piece of gear, or sell leg enchant. Sometimes I buy windwool cloth/Bolts, I make pvp gear and get around 40g profit each, sometimes 200 if no one drops the price and sometimes sell herb bags, and stuff. (I don't make a lot of bags because there is not a great profit from it, and I don't make the MoP bag because I don't have enough rep)
    Enchanting: I Don't do much, sometimes sell enchants and mats and make a daily Sha crystal, that's it (not a great profit from enchants, BTW Don't have weapon enchants because i don't have enough rep).
    Herbalism: Barely touch it unless I find a golden lotus :P.
    Please guys I need help, I am a noob in this stuff and I get from everything together in a day around 700-1kg. (Don't think that's a lot from 3 professions together, I heard people that get 1k from one profession a day)
    Any tips on getting bigger profit, or any other great profession I should learn that can give me a nice profit? I am now at around 8k Gold, Stormscale Horde EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by 999tigger View Post
    Gold capping is overrated and I think making gold has become even duller with dumbed down professions, bots and addons that are close to automation.

    The best advice is to read and absorb peoples ideas and understand the basics are the same but how they pan out is different on all servers. Knowledge of your server is important. Read some more and apprciate how each profession works, always use the cd for each profession, vut I will list some fundamentals here.

    1. Understand about how supply and demand works (opportunity cost as well).
    2. Identify markets where there is demand and items which people wnat to buy.
    3. Be able to sell as many of those items as possible (think big), make sure your costs of production are as low as possible to ensure max profitability.
    4. Make sure you are the cheapest and remain the cheapest. People are only interested in that for 97% of the time.
    5. Consider very carefully whether to remain in markets that are unprofitable and avoid making items at a loss, unless you have a clear plan.
    6. Repeat this for every profession, but start with easy ones like alchemy and enchanting.
    7. Continue to identify new markets. Food is a very good one for MOP.
    8. Know your competition.
    9. Get the right addons.
    10. be pateint, determined and persistent.
    11. Dont waste money.

    Rinse and repeat till you get bored. Get gold cap. The more effort you put in then the more money you will make as long as you continue to be the cheapest and sell what people want. Gold cap on some servers is easy and others hard, so take it with a pinch of sale people who claim to make 1m in a week etc. The best customers tend to be those in raiding guilds who are min maxers and need the best.

    I repeat be the cheapest and sell as wide a variety as you can that people want.

    The forums are full of advice on gold making so read the forums as you will get much more information reading posts.
    The biggest failures of new people is that they fail to understand the bascis and then fail to put consistent effort in. You seem to have plenty of professions, but you dont use them.

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    Since each server is so different when it comes to ah prices it is really hard to help you with this. Like on my server things like ink from milling herbs with inscription can make you about 1k gold per hour you are farming herbs. Personally i buy items on the ah that i think is too cheap and resell them again, that way i only have to spend 30 min every second day putting things on the ah and then come back and reap the profit. Tailoring is really bad for making gold.

    Remember that normal herbs gives you golden lotus now on regular basis as well, after about a couple of hours effective herb'ing you could have a stack, that means at least 20 flasks from your alchemist that you can sell on top of all the other herbs you have gotten.

    Also start doing the tillers farm if you haven't already, if you plant the Enigma seeds on a full farm that will net you about 4-6 golden lotus for very little effort each day.

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    Gathering professions are a good start. Check what sells for most and farm it.
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    If rogues become shit, all they can become is a different type of shit.

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    Ok guys thanks for the feedback
    if any one else has suggestions, i'd be even happier

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    Dude the best advice is to read the forums. More information there than you will ever get for a single thread. Look at my list, understand it and then go on to make loads of gold. Look at the thread on gold capping.

    Sell as wide a variety of things that people want cheaper than anyone else at the greatest profit you can manage. Put effort in. Thats all you need to do.

    Failure of people

    1. They dont sell enough items.
    2. They dont sell what people want.
    3. Competition sell the same items cheaper.
    4. Put effort into maintaining 1-3 plus make sure you have the right addons.

    The above= gold
    The more efficient you are at 1-4 the more gold you make.

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    this information was so informative!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khronius View Post
    There are several ways to make lots of gold.
    1. Go to
    2. Download a dozen addons and learn to exploit the AH. Probably the hardest method.
    3. Buy gold legit by buying card game packs and hope for some pet or mount or some crap to "drop" so you can sell it in-game

    That's about it. No, don't bother with crafting proffs. Everyone and their grandma does crafting proffs and your stuff will have low prices OR you will get undercut within minutes of putting your stuff in the AH, which means you must take your stuff down and put it again while undercutting the other guys, which they will do it too once again within minutes.
    Don't listen to this guy. There are hundreds of ways to get gold in WoW. Obviously, it's not recommended to share those ways because you'll crash your own profits. Just use your brain, and you can get far. Trust me. - Look at everything. From all classes' spells to all professions' crafted materials. Study their vendor worth. Study what the cheapest way is to get ahold of items. Just study all the theory available.

    If you can't earn at least 10k a day while knowing all of that, you're probably stuck at elementary level thinking and have to go back to elementary school to get some basics down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khronius View Post
    Lol, lol and some more lol. Suddenly, my ridiculous post is much closer to reality.
    Lol @ you. I don't mind if you don't believe me. The more people refrain from obtaining a lot of gold, the easier it is for me.

    I should thank you for your ignorance. Its people like you that bring me the most profits. ^^

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    Easy kids.

    Lotsofbones, there's a lot of good gold-making resources out there, and most of them aren't really affiliated with mmo-c. There are blogs, there are forums, there are other fansites with regular articles, and there are podcasts. The strategies range from simple to highly advanced - but the first thing you've to do is just start reading and checking up on stuff.

    Don't rush. Don't get discouraged. Just try something new on a regular basis and see what sticks. I can point you to some websites, if you'd like; just shoot me a PM.

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    Take your time and research a little. Patience is key with making gold.

    FREE Gold Making Tips | 28,056,251g+ Made Since January 19, 2012 | Crowfall PvP MMO

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    Making gold is 80% timing and 20% profession.

    Find out when to post the items you want to sell.
    - when does your competition post their auctions?
    - is there any day of the week where you could sell more? (sever resets, weekends etc.)

    If I were you I'd throw away herbalism of two simple reasons:
    - the gold pr hour is too low
    - bots are all over the place

    Inscription is a goldmine to me and it always has been. Enchanting os good but very dependent on timing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stede View Post
    Easy kids.

    Lotsofbones, there's a lot of good gold-making resources out there, and most of them aren't really affiliated with mmo-c. There are blogs, there are forums, there are other fansites with regular articles, and there are podcasts. The strategies range from simple to highly advanced - but the first thing you've to do is just start reading and checking up on stuff.

    Don't rush. Don't get discouraged. Just try something new on a regular basis and see what sticks. I can point you to some websites, if you'd like; just shoot me a PM.
    Op you should pm this guy :P
    Also you can check out elvines stuff, there are pretty good stuff there too!

    And yea, ditto what Vejovis said, ench can be a goldmine, but it doesn't seem to be as stable for now.
    Likely change once 5.2 hits, though!

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    One of the things about mop is that is easier to make money on characters you play rather than just use for banking and crafting as some thinsg require spirits or rep to get the recipe.

    As for your tailoring sales giving a low profit it is because you are buying cloth rather than collecting your own. In past expansions you would of had to farm humanoids to get your cloth or buy from the auction house but now you can grow your own cloth on a tiller farm. If you have multiple alts at 90 and all have exalted farming you can really pound out the cloth you need. Now instead of investing gold into the cloth you need you are only investing time in getting the cloth you need and any money you pull down will be 100% profit rather than having a small profit margin due to spending gold to make gold. You need to reduce your mat costs to increase your gold profits.

    This also allows you to undercut all of you competition no matter how low the price goes and its still all profit.

    I don't see a lot of profit in pvp gear right now, not like in cataclysm. In Cataclysm you could buy pvp gear and shoot right up to heroic twillight or in some cases lfr ilevel and bypass all the heroic dungeons which were a pain to run. Now the pvp gear is only good for getting you set for heroics and the PVP system currently makes it so that if you walk into pvp with this gear on you get rolled by those who have better gear so 'trying' pvp only assures an excercise in frustration.

    I have seen some profits in regular gear that procs blue when you make it. People want to gear up once they hit level 84-85 to make the leveling process through mop less painful. You start at level 85 getting gear around level 475 but the level 85 blue gear lets you jump straight to ilevel 415 right off the bat so you can plow through the mobs.

    Enchanting recipes that require lotus and shado pan rep grinds sell well because there are lots of people who sell enchantments but not a lot that want to grind the rep and get to level 90.

    Keep an eye out for level 80 mop blue drops that are selling low that you can resell for a larger profit. People are willing to drop serious cash on mop level gear that they can level through cataclysm with, especially weapons. There is nothing quite like 1 shotting every single mob in a level 80 starting zone to speed up the leveling process.

    When ever you get an item drop check it out on your character to see if someone might actually pay something for the transmog. Its better to check it on a character that is either female or has actual feet for boots rather than hooves or claws. Those just look like bracers for the legs. Certain color schemes sell better than others, like black, white or red. Sometimes Green. Look on the auction house and see if you can see any other items that look the same for cheap. If you cant find anything like it you may have a winner. I tend to find that Katanna's sell very well.

    If you have expendable real world income you can turn this into ingame gold by buying TCG cards in hopes of getting a pet to sell on auction house. The harder it is to get that pet the more you will make in game. You can go to online sites to buy specific cards if you don't feel like playing the odds of random cards, you can also go to comic/card game stores. You can also buy some pets off the blizz store and sell in game. This is a far better method than buying gold, never ever buy gold. Those sites are loaded with viruses that put keyloggers or worse on your computer so they can steal back the gold they sold to you (which they stole from someone else) and clean out your guild bank while they are at it.

    What ever wow introduces be quick to jump on it for profit, like pet battles or transmogs. The most profit can be found on the front end of these things rather than the back end, the back end being several months after the feature is released and the front end being as soon as it is released.

    If you have long qeue times (dps) don't spend your time sitting around a capital city trolling the trade channel, use that time to be productive. Farm nodes for mats, play the buy and sell game on the auction house or farm mobs for drops, or farm your tiller farm.

    If you do dailies there is money to be made. The 5 daily tiller quests give nearly 20 gold each making 100 gold profit a day + iron paw token which can be exchanged for fish that people buy off auction house to make into food tables. Golden lotus has 14 quests a day for 266 gold a day.

    Most importantly recognise that the more you spend to play the less you will have in your wallet. Your alts do not need the fastest flying mount. If you have 4 alts with the fastest flying each thats 10,000 gold gone. If you are buying gems with gold you may want to level an alt just to have free gems. The less you spend the more you will have.

    Going into low level dungeons with humanoid enemies can be profitable too, you aggro everything to the back of the dungeon and lay them all out with aoe then aoe gather everything, coins, cloth, drops, rare drops ect. You can turn the cloth into bolts for more profit, vendor out the grey drops and auction off any gear drops that might transmog well or are good for someone who is leveling. Level 70 BC gear is not going to sell as well as level 70 Wrath gear.

    I'm not a fan of buying something that someone has profit gouged, because they could come back and keep gouging while you are trying to sell what you bought for a profit.

    The best advice I can give anyone is to not jump into any 'sure fire gold maker' scheme that you see on the internet because everyone can see it and if everyone can see it then everyone will be doing it and then its the race to worlds cheapest. The more competition that is created the less profit you will make.

    Vary what you sell, don't invest in just one market. Know what is in demand. If there is something you need/want then there is someone else out there that will need/want it as well. Dont underestimate the value of having a barter system with friends, if you supply something you can make like candy for something they make that you can't then you save yourself from having to buy that. I make gems like candy with alchemy/JC and I give a guildie all the gems she wants in exchange for all the enchantments/glyphs/lockbox unlocks that I want. Everything that I don't spend is literally money in the bank.

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    I have found the easiest way to make gold, is to buy cheap herbs. I try and buy stuff for under 40g a stack on my server. Mill all of it, craft the associated inks. Turn the common quality inks into the bop shoulder enchants and simply vendor them. Then, sell the starlight ink (rare ink) on the ah. I buy 100 stacks of herbs, I will be down about 500g after vendoring the shoulder enchants, then selling the roughly three stacks of starlight inks at 1k a stack, I make money. Is this the most effective way, no, will it net you a fairly easy 1-3k a day, depending on how many stacks of herbs you are able to get, absolutely. I spend 4k-ish on herbs, make about 6k back. Easy profit, fairly quick if you make a milling macro, and then just crafting the inks and alt tabbing for 15 minutes while they all craft.

    Start with this method, and as you study your server's economy start to decide if you can do something else with the inks. Possibly start crafting darkmoon cards, selling the boe shoulder enchants, etc.

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    I buy craft and sell, not so big of a profit but you don't have to farm :-) Alcy scrib JC and enchanting.
    Hots EU: Etapic#2214

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    I'll go against the grain with what some have suggested about dropping Herbalism.

    The money to be made is low level herbs, it's a choke point for people trying to level Inscription.

    A stack of of these herbs will yield a healthy profit and are very very easy to obtain as bot's don't bother with them.

    If you are serious about making some relatively fast 100% profit gold (only time spent) I came across this post earlier;

    Note the stats:

    /played = 7 days 12 hours and 30 minutes.
    Deaths = 107
    Total gold acquired = 121.828 (that's 122k)
    Kills = 1 (accidently hit a level 1 critter)
    Quests done = 1 (auto completed cata quests)
    Total damage done = 11.195
    Number of nodes to level from level 84-85 = 1800+ (yes it will be tough)
    Reputation gain = 0 (neutral with everyone pretty much)

    Good luck.

    EDIT: At the moment all players are only considering how to make money when maxed professions, which every man and his dog is also thinking about. Try to think outside the box - all these people need to hit max level profs to even begin to enact their gold fantasy.
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    Wow, Thanks everybody for the tips I will try everything you said

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    I think BC era herbs are best for farming, people dont seem to farm that stuff and they spend as little time in BC as possible. I only ever see like 2-4 of any herb on auction house and its an excellent choke point for those doing inscription. Vanilla is too low level as anyone starting an alt with herbalism will be collecting and selling it but they tend to loose interest in the alt's class before they hit BC.

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    Personally I think the proffesion route is pretty boring. A lot of people seem to forget that you can sell ingame services, the least demanding one being boosting other players to level them up. Recently I have paid another player to boost my alt from level 87-90 for 20k gold. While its not that much gold per hour it is still decent.

    If you are extremely skilled at the game you can sell arena boosts, raid boosts (for mounts, achivements or gear) and challenge mode boosts. Infact less than a week ago I started selling challenge mode boosts with 3 other players in my guild, we have had 3 customers so far and in less than 10 hours play time I have earned almost 200k gold.

    Arena boosts / challenge mode boosts should give arround the same amount of gold per boost but playing arena with a complete retard is probably harder. You may be able to get the same amount of gold from boosting people in raids but when you have to share the gold with 9-24 other people you will of course earn a lot less.

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