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    [Anime/Manga] Favorite villain.

    If I had to pick one, I'd say for sure it's Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, he doesn't have the most complex goals, he's not even the most powerful or twisted, but fuck does Dio have fucking presence, he's the most entertaining villain I have seen ever. If Dio was at all in an episode, I would feel an extreme fuzzy feeling.

    For a second, maaaaybe Kyubey from Madoka Magica, although, it's sort of hard to classify him as a villain.

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    I'd have to go for either Lelouch (Code Geass doesn't really have a true villain so) or Aizen. What can I say...I like characters that are smart, it leads to fun surprises because they are miles ahead in strategy. ^^

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    Aizen is pretty cool, Greed in FMA Brotherhood is good too though he could be counted not so much as an enemy. Talking of FMA brotherhood, wrath was awesome.

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    Aizen from Bleach is pretty cool. Best liar ever

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    Aizen <3 cant deny it

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    Since I only watch two animes/mangas...

    I'm going with Orichimaru from Naruto and Aizen from Bleach.
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    Sōren Araya from kara no kyoukai.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalliah View Post
    Coooooru Caster and every other insane lunatic batshit crazy but charismatic person.

    Don't remember any other villain that stood out.
    God dammit, I knew I forgot someone important. Second would very easily be Caster.

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    No doubt in my mind... Nagi Homura from Mai Hime/ Mai Otome
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    Definantly Obito Uchiha from Naruto hes a badass trolls everyone into thinking hes a dumbass then again to making everyone believe he is madara as well to believe hes immortal and shocks the world when they find out his true name. He defiantly strikes 1 in my book. I will always love Aizen though when he one shotted all the captains he became a legend in my book. Sesshomaru from inuyasha is also a good villain though you can really call him a villain toward the end.
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    Not sure if I could pick just one, but I think I'll go with Kimblee from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

    Honourable mention to Azuma (Fairy Tail), Blackbeard (One Piece) and Nagato/Pain (Naruto).

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    Desty Nova, my favorite mad scientist.

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    This one is kinda hard. I'm leaning towards Dio Brando. I didn't know much about the first part of JoJo until watching the new anime, but he was pretty good in it. He's deceitful and has a plan to ruin the protagonist's life from the very beginning and nearly succeeds, as well as becoming a monster with powers beyond normal human comprehension. If you haven't seen the OVA or read the manga and are watching the current anime and don't like spoilers, don't click: He's more formidable in part 3 with his time stopping powers thanks to ZA WARUDO!
    At the moment, I can't think of another good villain that I really like that much. I guess Father from FMA: Brotherhood was pretty good. I mean, he almost won. That's gotta be worth something.

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    Yagami Light from Death Note and Lelouch from Code Geass

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    Jessie and James from Team Rocket for sure

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    Aizen was good for Bleach. Naruto I'd have to say...Akatsuki as a whole back when they were...alive. One Piece I'd have to say Akainu, maybe Blackbeard.

    In Pokemon Giovanni was badass.

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    In no particular order

    Pride, Dwarf in a Flask (Father), and Sloth, cause he's hilarious from FMA:Bro
    Priscilla and Islay from Claymore
    Needles from Trigun
    Vicious from Cowboy Bebop

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    It is debatable if he were a true villain, but I love L from Death Note. His attitude/personality was exceptionally well written. His personality was so well placed, I would compare that level of thought to the story line of Steins;Gate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenogeist View Post
    Desty Nova, my favorite mad scientist.
    Definitely not. Okabe Rintaro is the best mad scientist. " Hey mister. I am mad scientist. It's so coooooooooool. Sunuvabitch."

    The original:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post
    Since I only watch two animes/mangas...

    I'm going with Orichimaru from Naruto and Aizen from Bleach.
    Majad, you are officially not my favorite mod anymore.

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    Now that I've thought about it some more, I might put Ukyo from Samurai 7 on my own personal list as well. He was a cruel, greedy person and master manipulator without some bullshit god-like powers like Aizen from Bleach.

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    Perfect Cell from DBZ and Griffith from Berserk are up there for me. I'm sure there are others but those are the first two that come to mind.

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