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    WoW IS getting its graphical overhaul, slowly but surely - haven't you seen Pandaria? Haven't you seen the difference between the old vanilla frog model and the new frog pet model?
    Yes I've always noticed all of those small little improvements that they're always adding. I still really enjoy the look of everything now too, but these improvements can only go so far with the engine they're using right now. Or maybe not, I really don't know for certain.

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    Not sure you understand why we couldn't fly in Azeroth at first.

    All of the stuff you couldn't see (top of the buildings etc.) didn't exist in the game. It was relatively easy (still more then 2 years of development) to add all of the stuff.
    I do understand, which is why everyone always said there would never be flying in Azeroth, but I would always tell people it was just a matter of time. Although I think that a total overhaul is very unlikely. It's still interesting to imagine what it would look like if it were to happen though ^__^

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    Well they just redid all of the old world in cata (if you can call it that) so that would have been the time to do so f they wanted to do it, since they did not it might never happen. Adding new content has a higher priority over changing more old stuff The world looks pretty decent as it is, ofc newer stuff looks better, the engine get's updated over time, hopefully we will get the new player models.

    I would not mind though if they would replace the old tier sets skin with a higher resolution one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Libram View Post
    I sort of don't think it will happen.
    Kind of in the same situation as Pokemon. Too many Pokemon to bring into 3D with their own unique moves, so they'll just start with a clean slate.
    Too much in WoW to give a graphical overhaul.

    I'm sure things such as better textures, depth of field, and better shaders may come in someday, but a entire graphical overhaul doesn't seem likely.

    If it does happen though... I guess you can just point and laugh at me for doubting. :S
    Pokemon X Y?

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