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    [Balance] WrathCalcs issue

    Hi all,

    I had to heal last week and therefore reforged my balance gear to better fit my needs as resto. I have to reforge back to balance now, and while doing so I want to see if I can further improve my gems/reforge. Therefore, I logged my data in latest WrathCalcs, but i have a doubt:

    since I'm way over the hit cap (I stacked more Spirit for resto), are the stat weights I get from WrathCalcs messed up due to that? Should I reforge to hit cap first, then run the spreadsheet?

    I actually never used WrathCalcs, so I don't know any trick :/
    My main doubt is: according to my gear, should I switch my gems to int or int+haste (whenever possible) or I should really stack crit gems, as MrRobot suggested? Isn't Intellect stat weight higher than crit or haste after the 4pc T14 break point?

    This is my toon: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ruyomon/simple

    Any help is very welcome!

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    Nope, full crit sounds about right. It might change later as we get more crit baseline, but for now we definitely gem for it.

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