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    Title for anime fans

    It struck me while reading the post that showed all of the titles you get at x posts. Wouldn't it be awesome if the anime community of MMO-Champion also had some recognition? I mean, we're a bunch of people with (special) needs.

    What do you think?

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    Well, all the titles are WoW related as this is primarily a WoW fan site. Of course there are sub communities, like the anime one you speak off, but the general purpose of the site is to report on all WoW related news, hence the WoW related titles.
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    It's an amusing idea and I would be happy to accept any of the following titles; Hikikomori, NEET, Otaku, Weeaboo, but, as d3v pointed out, it makes sense for the 'auto-titles', applied according to post-count, to be WoW-related.

    You could always PM Sunshine and ask her really nicely to change your title to something that reflected your passions more suitably.

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    Results may be unpredictable, however.
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    I figured it wouldn't be an automatic process like the one we have, but a world without anime titles is like.. a world without anime titles? :\

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    It seems like a strange place to start giving different titles. While I'll admit there is no shortage of anime fans on these forums, anime doesn't even have it's own sub-forum. It has to share a sub-forum with movies, tv, music and books. If they did, then it opens the door to other non-WoW sub-forums larger than the anime community wanting their own titles.

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