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    Mantid the next archeology race?

    Last news on the frontpage, with the datamined changes, contains alot of mantid archeology items.


    1 Other Banner of the Mantid Empire
    1 Other Ancient Sap Feeder
    1 Other The Praying Mantid
    1 Other Inert Sound Beacon
    1 Other Remains of a Paragon
    1 Other Mantid Lamp
    1 Other Pollen Collector
    1 Other Kypari Sap Container
    1 Key Hoard-Keeper's Key
    1 Quest Sunreaver Mana Crystal
    1 Quest Kirin Tor Mana Crystal
    1 Quest Pristine Banner of the Mantid Empire
    1 Quest Pristine Ancient Sap Feeder
    1 Quest Pristine Praying Mantid
    1 Quest Pristine Sound Beacon
    1 Quest Pristine Remains of a Paragon
    1 Quest Pristine Mantid Lamp
    1 Quest Pristine Pollen Collector
    1 Quest Pristine Kypari Sap Container
    85 Other Mantid Amber Fragment

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    Sure looks that way. Only thing I want to know is what the rares will be. That, and whether those pristines will get lumped into Seeker of Knowledge, in which case I'd better start digging faster...

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    God I hope it takes the place of the 10th race that's been there since Cata. Damn empty spot drives me nuts.

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    Looking like it. I hope there is some cool vanity items that come with this.

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    Has to be Mantid. Check this site http://www.wowpedia.org/Archaeology_rewards
    States at the bottom mantid

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    Models for a Mantid-themed gun and sword were recently datamined too, both labled as [Archaeology_Mantid].

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    Shame really, getting kind of bored with the aesthetic of Mantid weapons.

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    hopefully the mantids give a mount of one of those giant bugs

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    Hope they give a good rare this time.

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    Yeah. Would be nice to get a mount/epic for Mantid :P

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    You can see that its obviously mogu 2.0 and not mantids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Closure View Post
    Shame really, getting kind of bored with the aesthetic of Mantid weapons.
    The gun was shown on petopia a long time ago. It doesn't look anything like the old overdone orange amber theme they had going so far, it's more black-ish with lots of gold. It looked quite nice.
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