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    493, 9/16H Disc/holy Priest LF Late night.

    I'm looking for a spot in either a 10/25m raid group. I am well rounded with many alts and studies the fights heavily and I take pride in knowing the ins and outs of every fight.

    due to my time constraints raid times must start after 9:30-10 MST Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. 7:00 any other day.

    must be progression oriented. and must be more than 7/16H

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    bump still looking

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    still looking

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    Hey there, It sounds like our raid times might be just a little off of yours but i figure what the hell i'll give you the info. I know it says we want a shadow OS but Im sure for the right player we could muscle another healer to OS dps if that is not something you feel comfortable with. I notice your location says France are you going to school in the MST time zone?

    Satiated has a history dating back to The Burning Crusade. The guild name has evolved through expansions and has remained to be competitive in endgame raiding in the years we have existed. We have a strong emphasis on PvE content and strive for solid progression.

    16/16 Normal 6/16 HM 10 man
    Raid times are Tues, Wed, Thurs, 8pm - 12am server (PST).

    Discipline/Shadow Priest

    Exceptional players of all classes encouraged to apply. Spots open up for the right players.

    We do not loot council instead we work as a group to make sure that everyone is getting what they need. Players are expected to vocalize their gearing needs so the group can work together for the betterment of progression.
    That being said, all new recruits go through a honeymoon phase with us to ensure quality and skill. You may be asked to pass on gear depending on raid needs.

    Core group is proving fast progression with nine members we are currently recruiting one Discipline/Shadow Priest. We intend to fill this spot with a raider who wants to join a long standing core group of players with a common goal. Dead bosses and purple loot.

    Raiders are expected to show up on time with anything that they may need for the night. They must have proper gems, enchants, reforges, and know their class well enough to maximize their damage per second.

    Please apply at

    TuesdayTroll#1819 is my real ID for Questions and Concerns.

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    sorry however the raid times are strict, I wish you the best of luck though

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    bump, still looking

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    I believe we suit your times and progression needs, however we're looking for someone who can main shadow with a healing off. Don't know if you're interested, but I thought I'd give it a try.

    <Surprise Cuttlefish> is a newish progression focused guild on Kilrogg-US. We are a late-night ten man guild focused on downing bosses in a timely and efficient manner while having fun doing so.

    Our core comes with experience. For Cata alone a large amount of our members earned Dragonslayer, Blackwing's Bane, Four Winds, Firelord and Savior of Azeroth while the content was current. Our members have experience dating back to pre-nerf Sunwell clears and Vanilla raiding.

    Guild Information:
    Raid times: Tuesday-Thurs+Sun: 9pm PST - 12am PST are main raid days.

    Be prepared to provide a screenshot of your UI and any form of damage parse for your spec. Trial process lasts as little as three weeks and will go on as long as we feel necessary, it all depends on you.

    High Priority Class Needs:
    Shadow Priest

    Healers: please be knowledgeable and equally comfortable in your respective DPS off specs. Not every fight is 3 healer in 10m.

    If your class is not listed and you believe you're exceptional, do not be afraid to drop an application.

    Loot system:
    Main before trial.
    Primary offspecs before other offspecs. (People who are asked to heal or DPS in place of their standard roles commonly)
    Loot will be fairly distributed, typically by general consensus of the group.

    Information you need to know:
    -As a 10m with only a few raid days we require high-attendance (90%+ at the extreme minimum). There's a forum for you to let us know if you'll be late/absent.
    -As a 10m guild we will have a small roster. However we will run the guild with a roster of 11-13 raiders as running with a flat 10 is not viable with progression as a focus. We do not recruit for the bench. Every raiding member will raid and we will rotate people per boss/nightly.
    -You cause drama, you're out. This is your warning.
    -Be semi-knowledgeable of an OS. You aren't required to be as good with your OS as your MS or have gear for it, just be prepared for all possibilities.
    -This is not a job. We want you to have fun and enjoy your time with us as a guild both inside and outside of raiding. That said we do expect bosses to be dying before Blizzard has to nerf them into the ground. A large portion of our members come from a raiding history where having fun and progression went hand in hand.
    -If you don't know the difference between trolling trade chat for some fun and belittling people, making the guild look like a bunch of elitist punks, you should probably stay out of trade.
    -If it burns, pull out. Raiding 101.
    -Some of our members PvP and are very open to including you in their PvPing. We also value a skilled PvPer as well, we realize that a skilled PvPer can react just as well in a PvE environment.

    Applying to Surprise Cuttlefish:
    We have a short application form if you need someplace to start. Feel free to start a thread in this forum and pitch yourself, but we would like to interview you directly.

    If you have any questions or concerns, add Emilith to battletag at Insanitarium#1798 or come visit us on server.

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    I'm not really all the great as shadow and I can admit that, but its mostly because i don't spend time doing it.

    Thank you for the response though, bump

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    bump, still looking

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    still looking

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    still looking

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    Still looking

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    bum p

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    still looking, sadly

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    Still looking

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    b ump

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