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    New Class

    I've been seeing a lot talk lately about the next expansion, and people making all kinds of claims about Demon Hunter class, and I thought I'd chime in for my first post here on mmochamp.

    a) Wardens are pretty awesome imo.
    b) Maiev is one of the few main lore characters that is more or less unaccounted for short of her BT cameo, and could be used in a lot of interesting ways.
    c) The the most likely armor type would be mail, helping to balance each armor type to 3 classes. (I've seen people saying Demon Hunter in mail, but really?!? Leather or maybe Cloth based on their wc3/wow appearances.)
    d) I do see demons having a large roll in the next expansion, and if not, then down the road. Our Warden role model Maiev's character was centered around the hunting of Illidan, and really by WC3: TFT it's arguable Illidan was more demon then Night Elf. The bulk of our time with Maiev was effectively hunting the demon Illidan, so that could easily fit into lore.
    e) Cenarion camps throughout the game frequently showcase both Tauren and Night Elf wardens, and other races throughout Azeroth have had their own types of wardens.

    The biggest downside I see for Wardens, a lot of their skills have been absorbed by the Rogue class, and it would take some creative thinking to develop them to fit their own play-style and niche. That being said, I'm sure if they wanted so, Blizz could handle that.

    I know it's not an original concept, I'm just surprised it doesn't pop up more often. Makes a lot more sense then Demon Hunters. What do you guys think?

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    I like wardens, but as mentioned, they're pretty much just armored rogues on crack. Would be very hard to make them feel unique in my opinion. Another problem I see with wardens is that they're just too entrenched in night elf culture, making it hard to convince other races to learn the wardens ways. I also don't see it likely night elves will be willing to teach other races how to be wardens either.
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    I'd rather have a voodoo class :3
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    Most cenarion based camps have Night Elf and Tauren Wardens acting as guards.

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    Not to mention the newest class (monk) feels somewhat similar to a rogue and before that the deathknight which again is melee based. I think to mix things up a bit blizz would almost NEED to bring a new type of class to the game, not just 'another melee' maybe a caster? or another type of ranged weapon user? perhaps without a pet?

    Given the most drastic changes to hunters lately, Blizz may be heading into the direction of bringing in a new ranged user. Im sure blizz think about new classes a long time before they even announce them so maybe even back when hunters were moved from mana to focus it was a for a reason.

    mana to focus - maybe the new ranged class will feature mana as a resource in a better design then hunters had.

    ranged weapon as main hand change - again maybe these new ranged weapon users will be more defensive then hunters, maybe more designed to use some skills with bow / gun / xbow within melee range this would tie into them not having a pet, they simply wouldnt need one.

    Players wanting dual pistols for a LONG time - adding a second class would help 'condone' spending a huge amount of time adding a new weapon type to the game, as it stands adding a new weapon type for one class seems far too drastic.

    camouflage - Not a lot to base this on but this skill seemed to pop out of no where and kind of not feel like a hunter ability, maybe to give blizz practice with an idea of a 'stealthed range weapon user'

    I could likely go on and on on changes to the hunter class that hints towards the next new class to be another ranged user but I think you get the point :P It just seems like the most logical choice from a gameplay perspective, now the one thing to blow this out the water would be for you to say there are no other types of ranged users in the warcraft lore (I dont know a huge deal about the lore) which I would find VERY hard to believe but fair enough, if that is the case I am wrong, just seems too coincidental to me, all these changes and our second new class to be ANOTHER melee makes it VERY unlikely for them to make a 3rd new melee class.

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    i want either demon hunters. or spellbreakers. 5.2 indicates that after the dalaran incident the spellbreakers of silvermoon started training new recruits again. spellbreakers would be awesome. could use int plate. and would be a cool version of a battlemage thematically
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    Demon Hunter has a lot of lore ammo as a new class. While Wardens feel pretty much like NElf warriors with funny cloaks.
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    1. They can wear mail armor.
    2. They can use ranged weapons.
    3. They'll be different than any other WoW class.
    4. They would represent all the steam punk aspects of WoW.
    5. There's plenty of NPCs and examples in the game.
    6. They could tank, DPS, or heal, making them a very flexible class.
    7. There would be little race limitations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post


    1. They can wear mail armor.
    2. They can use ranged weapons.
    3. They'll be different than any other WoW class.
    4. They would represent all the steam punk aspects of WoW.
    5. There's plenty of NPCs and examples in the game.
    6. They could tank, DPS, or heal, making them a very flexible class.
    7. There would be little race limitations.
    I second only this one. We've tapped into all imaginable sources of power but technology. Time to put these rifles to a good use.
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    So much for the tolerant left.
    No new classes. Focus on the existing ones.
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    I speant a good 7 minutes staring at my SoulCalibur 2 poster (Rating Pending!) and honestly can't think of something that would fit in. I would rather see more races, like maybe one of those half deer things like the enchantress in DOTA 2, and no not a remulos model, i want to play as half chick half bambi. And the male counterpart is...i dunno. But srsly, just kepp adding and improving on what we have.

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    New Pally spec: Witch Hunter, uses bows/cross bows/rifles, agi on weapons converts to spellpower, uses int plate.
    New DK spec: Necromancer, int plate caster dps
    Takes care of int plate usage.
    New Warlock spec: Demon Hunter, uses 1h agi swords/axes, agi and int converts to attack power, can tank or melee dps

    New Class: Tinker
    Another gun/bow/gun/crossbow/.. gun? user.
    uses agi mail for ranged dps and a steam-suit for tanking
    int mail for healing, load your gun with healing bullets.

    that puts us at 5 str plate dps specs, 3 plate tank specs, 3 int plate specs, 6 agi mail specs, 3 int mail specs, 7 agi leather specs, 3 int leather specs, and 10 int cloth.

    Int plate is then used for more than one spec
    Third mail class introduced to allow there to be a balance of 3 classes per armor type
    fanbois get their tinkerers
    fanboize get their demon hunters

    World of Warcraft = solved

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    theres no room for another class

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    tinker is pretty much the only class that would add something new to the game.

    -a second physical ranged class
    -potential for dd, heal and tank
    -turrets! stationary dd totems, healbots etc ... something that is missing in the game.
    -masses of disposable minions! bomblings, drones, seeker rockets, harvesters, repairbots, buffbots etc. ... so much potential ... spells would not be a standard firebolt or something but summoning a minion attacking for a short time. similar to the theurgist in dark age of camelot.
    -electric, steam, energy shields, pressure, poisons, grenades, mines, mechforms!, own mounts, ... all that is missing in wow could be included in this class mechanical wise

    and other than for example necromancer it would be something entirely new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haven View Post
    I second only this one. We've tapped into all imaginable sources of power but technology. Time to put these rifles to a good use.
    I Third this but only because I want Hunters to know what it feels like when some other class needs on their weapons like they use to need on my agility staves/spears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    No new classes. Focus on the existing ones.

    The classes we have atm have never been more balanced and the introduction of the monk class was a MILLION times smoother then the deathknight and as such have need much less changes, certainly not as drastic, proving blizzard can add classes as smoothly as a new race, even at the same time it seems.

    Quote Originally Posted by Senathor View Post
    theres no room for another class
    There will ALWAYS be room for more classes. Blizz just needs to pick the right class, atm we do not need ANOTHER melee user, a new caster or even better a new ranged weapon user, would be much better for the game.

    As the game stands this is the class layout:

    want to use big two handed weapons and smash everything - Warrior, Deathknight, Paladin.

    want to use 2 swords and be agile / stealthy / fast - warrior / deathknight (can dual wield) rogue, monk, shaman, possibly druid as it fits that play style.

    want to use offensive magic - warlock, mage, shaman, priest.

    want to use defensive, healing magic - shaman, druid, priest, monk, paladin

    Now for the issue in the game:

    want to use a bow / gun / crosssbow - hunter. and ONLY a hunter.

    on more then one occasion my friends when picking a class have said i want to be an archer, so obvious choice is hunter, oh I dont want a pet, tough. There is no option, you want to be a range weapon wielder you have ONE choice, whereas any other playstyle / weapon style has multiple. Similar situation with the druid, if you want to shapeshift you can ONLY be a druid, this however is less of an issue as it gives players something unique to wow (im yet to see another mmo with such a thought out shapshift class)

    Not only is there room for a new class, we NEED a new class, another range weapon user.

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    WoW can have at least one more class. Mail user+use ranged weapons would be ideal.

    Tinker would fit well.

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    Wow can have as many classes as wow wants to add. Why? Cause if I don't like the class I choose not to play it. If you want to play a bard or a demon hunter then all the more power to you because at least it means there is one more person playing the game. Wow could have 82 classes and it wouldn't matter because when it comes down to it a 5 man is going to have 1 tank, 3 dps and 1 healer no matter what the name of the classes that are filling those roles are called or do. Variety is the spice of life. I quit playing DCUO because I could not find a power set that I actually liked, which is as close to class in wow as you can get. When was the last time you qeued up for a dungeon and started complaining that you didn't want a warlock in the group because that class sucks? Does it matter if its a warlock, a frost DK or a hunter? Not really.

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    Well, the problem with demon hunters, wardens etc... is that for the moment, the only known of thoses are elves.
    That's not reasonable for Blizzard to create a class which is only available for elves.

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    To this day, all new classes have been melee dps and tanks + healing for monk. It is likely that next will be pure caster.

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