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    just wear resto 4 set
    do what you feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripponesan View Post
    what is so special about eles here?
    Doesnt this apply to kinda ALL casters?
    other casters have more passive defensives, shamans are proactive defense, shear, grounding or reactive - tremor, ect. So a blanket silence elemental is literally a punching bag for the duration.

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    I realize this thread is about Ele, but I am wondering what are some good strategies for Enh to deal with these silences. I remember the blue comment joking that silencing melee is a waste of time (paraphrase) but I find myself near crippled as well when silenced. At least we can auto-attack, but does anyone have good coping/counter mechanisms for Enh for silence? I mostly do BGs, and no, not really at a high level, but I am trying to still up my game... Doesn't really seem right to be so crippled from Silences as melee.
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