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    Turn off/Hide your chat frame and dps meters - it's what I do, never feel rage anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by addicted View Post
    you're not responsible for what other people do, you are responsible for what you do, so behave well and don't let them bring you down, don't even in a game situation.
    my grandma used to tell me "if someone behave bad with you that's not an excuse for you to behave bad in response"
    My Gran used to say "do unto others as they would do to you, But do it first a fuck off before the police arrive" She was quite a character my Gran.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chareoss View Post
    doing my frost mage thing
    sheep one of the adds which I had already sheeped and now has the enrage on it which means it cannot be cc'd for a certain amount of time, so I ignored him and sheeped it again when it was possible.
    While it can't be sheeped hes crying at me and telling me to sheep it and counterspell it.
    Frost mages dnt just bring polymorph to the table.
    There is massive amounts of control you could have done to keep that add in place.

    As far as i know. Adds do not suffer DR or immunity. So you can spam polymorph on it.
    Mobs can not enrage while they are CC'ed by polymorph.

    You did not watch your CC as any player new or old would do and furthermore not used any of the other control abilities in your arsenal.

    I would not say 'l2p' but i will say that you need some practice monitoring your CC and reacting to the flow of the fight.

    Not being rude.
    Just honest.

    On another note: You will get elitist a-holes that will think they are WoW Gods or trolls.
    But such is the same in every other game. Mmo or not...
    You may use the /ignore function or the report function that is built into the game for this purpose.

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    This is just another 'I am quitting wow and you should too." post. Why the hell has it gotten this many pages long?

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    I really feel for your situation, but I'm not quite sure what you're looking for.
    And unfortunately, you're chasing rainbows if you think that Titan is going to fix this kind of problem.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kris Kay Fernalld View Post
    Tauren drinking milk is like Humans drinking blood.

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    Do you really think people will act any different in titan? i doubt it.

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    Shit happens, get over it. WoW is full of tools and if you play then you have to deal with it.

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    The adds all die so quickly during the 2nd boss that you dont even have to cc that caster anymore. Just single target a couple down and burn boss. Fight is only like 20 seconds.

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    I'm sorry but this is basically a rant post with no means of inciting a constructive discussion. We don't allow these sort of threads on this site.

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