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    weapon question

    prot warri here having problems as fury in single tank fights .


    i got ilvl 492 equiped as fury but some of my items are gemmed/reforged etc for tanking . that leaves me with underwhelming 17,74 % crit unbuffed .
    last night i got both hc weapons from elegon (lucky me) and now i am unsure what weapon to use .

    normaly i would say elegon 1hand (hc) + kilrak (nhc) , but starshatter (hc) + starshatter (nhc) have freaking 1800 crit .

    suggestions ?
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    I'd pick 1800 crit any day if I was at 17,7% crit. If you had correct reforges, gems and enchants then the 1h's would pull ahead. (nhc) does that mean not heroic? Just write normal.

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