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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakia View Post
    I've just gotta know, since I've always wondered. Do those things stink?
    If you take care of them. Nope, they don't stink. Mine doesn't. It's quite handy to only have to wash your hair once a week.
    Though I have heard of people who haven't taken of dreads which resulted in mold in the hair which is disgusting.
    Also I can't really sleep with wet hair, if I do I look like Medusa in the morning. And my hair takes 7-8 hours to dry so it takes planning when to wash them.

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    Twice a month, fire up the clippers and shave down to stubble.

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    Once every 2 to 3 months here... I didn't know so many people here get their hair cut so often, either that or your hair grows back so fast and I thought mine did :P

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    I haven't had my hair cut in like... 3 years I think?

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    once a month
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    Used to be once a year-ish, at most some 3cm though. Haven't cut my hair in two years now.

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    before boarding school, around once every 1½ weeks, but now around once a month. Even tho i want every second, i cba going home to get one. And the people on my school, i'm NOT letting them giving me a haircut again :d

    Last time i got a haircut from them, they left a big "n" in the back of my head. They said it was the doorway to narnia :P

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    It can vary greatly, but on average about 3-4 times a year.
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    currently. Once every 3 years. Main reason for it is I'm very slowly losing my hair if I don't cut it No one can tell.
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    every 2-3 months

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    I cut it once a year, minus trimming off the edges just in case I have split ends. Which I rarely seem to get. But usually a year in, my hair will be 5 inches past my shoulders. I'll be sick of it, and cut it up to my shoulders :P

    My husband is in the Navy. But he's also been blessed by the hair gods. He has to get a haircut at least once a month, and also has to shave 3 times a day.

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    2-3 times a year. I don't know my barber, and I usually just tell them to cut it down to ~1-2 CM and then I let it grow again until it reaches the tip of my nose.

    I really don't care about my hair if that wasn't obvious.

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    At least once a month, never fails.

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    About once every month. I may spend longer periods without cutting because of laziness, but generally it's around once per month. I can't really afford to let it go longer than that without a cut, since my hair grows quite fast, and I have a hard time keeping it in check, regardless of size. My hair is pretty "stubborn", so to speak, and it doesn't help that if I leave it all "natural", it'll often make me look quite... weird. So having it short makes it easier, and looks better. If it wasn't for these facts, I probably would only get it cut a few times per year.
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    Not often enough. Probably a little over once a year. I just don't like sitting still in a chair while someone uses scissors so close to my ears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anakso View Post
    I get my hair cut approximately 3 times a year. Possibly twice a year. I get a number 3 with enough in the front to flick up, so I get it cut short, though last time I think I only flicked my hair up about 4 times before I got to lazy to keep doing it.

    I let it grow out then, mostly because I don't like getting my hair cut so from the point of my hair being to long I put it off for a few months before actually going in to get it cut. I got it cut before I normally would today because a few strands of hair in my fringe kept doing this annoying curly thing.

    However in TV Shows I see people who actually know their barbers, like it's an every week meeting or something. I don't think anyone has ever cut my hair more than twice and I've been going to the same hair dressers for years now. Usually on a Saturday too.

    So how often does everyone else get their hair cut and do you know your barber?
    Usually once a year. I haven't cut my hair since April of 2012. I just don't like having short hair.

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    every 2 or so months

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    Once or twice a year
    In the spring when the snow starts melting i go and get cut down to like 2cm long hair
    If its a hot summer i may i go visit the barber for a second time in a year.

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    Every 4-6 weeks.
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    6-8 weeks usually.

    However since im hair is starting to thin out (at only 24 years old ) Im going to shave it soon for charity and then keep it shaved.

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