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    I'm actually surprised so many people are against smoking, almost all the people I meet in games are smoking. For me it would be:
    Smoking /drugs
    (too) religious
    opposite taste in music (couldn't stand hearing one direction or bruno mars all the time ...)
    dislikes animals
    someone that takes advantage of people. (with the other person having to pay/do everything instead of her)
    someone that really likes soccer ...big no no

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    Extreme jealousy / control freak.

    My brother and as of late a close friend are both whipped beyond comprehension.
    When we (the boys) go out they are expected to give an estimate of how late they will be home, while i can understand this i hate the degree those girls take it too.
    When my brother is 10 minutes " past curfue" she will start texting, calling and even call me or other friends where he is.
    If he does not answer fast enough,i shit you not, she will come get him.

    This has happened on numerous occasions.

    I would never accept that, i'm 34 not 15 dammit !
    Luckily my wife and I do not have those tendencies, we've been together for 12 years and married as of last year but we both very much understand how important it is to have a few nights every now and then with just the guys or girls for her.

    Other than that, cheating is ofcourse a given.
    whats the point in running ? You will only die tired

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