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    Heroic Will of the Emperor 10 man Please Help

    Currently my guild has been struggling with Heroic Will of the Emperor. We have tried multiple strats but nothing has worked. My current raid set up has been the following

    Prot Paladin
    Guardian Druid


    Disc Priest
    Resto Druid


    Frost Dk
    WW Monk
    Ret Paladin
    Ele Shaman (Me)

    We also have had a mage anf fury Warrior sitting.

    One strat we have tried is killing each set of rage adds as they come out and alternating soaking with the hunter and spriest. The Monk then takes the first three strength sparks with diffuse magic, zen meditation, then diffuse magic and then the ret will divine shiled the 4th. Then the monk will go again after that. For the courage we have our bear tank soak the first one before the bosses after that we have tried two things. One is just killing the spark when it comes up, but have also tried me (Ele Shaman) or the frost dk soaking it. We seem to have issues with one of us soaking it because if we arent topped off with a shield we will often die.

    The other strat we tried was CCing every other set of rages starting with i believe the 3rd or 4th set, then killing two sets at a time. This gave us issuse because we could either not keep them all grouped up and couldn't kill them at the same time and when we did the hunter could not soak him all by himself. Using this strat allowed the spriest to soak courages and we left the strengths the same.

    What I am unsure on is if we are having a healing issue keeping people up, or if the rage adds are rooted too much and doing to much dmg to our melee. It seems every attempt we lose either a melee to rage adds or a tank to lack of heals.

    I also tried a few pulls with me going to Resto to heal and out Resto druid going boomkin, but neither one of us are geared that great in our offspec and she is not comfortable as boomkin.

    I can't post logs yet but we do have some. US Servers> Kul Tiras> Death By Design.
    We have logs up for some pulls on the 21st, 23rd, and 24th.

    I hope i didn't include to much useless information. If you have any questions on anything else or need more information please let me know.
    I appricate any and all help.

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    We tried 2 healing with that comp with 2 very capable heals and it was very dicey. I would suggest 3 healing it and making it work as such with that. We found it easiest for us to CC one rage completely every time and single target the other one down. This worked out way better for us and our damage was high enough to pull off single targeting every rage. Also, we had someone gear up a rogue in 463 gear to make soaking all the rages + strengths super easy with feint. What you lose in their damage, you gain in control. It's so worth going that route if you can. We usually lust when there's about 12 min left til berserk so that we can lust again later. This helps to make sure you're on top of the rages. Just make sure everyone knows to blow up the rages and don't ever be late to getting on them or you will fall behind. You're probably doing this already, but make sure everyone is attacking the same boss as to maximize debuffs and dps.

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    We used two healers ourselves and our comp for our kill was

    DK tank
    Guardian tank

    Pally healer
    Disc healer

    Windwalker monk
    Combat rogue
    Ret paladin
    Shadow Priest
    Affliction warlock
    Elemental shaman

    Our strat was for the first cycle with tanks we had our DK take the first two sparks, Holy paladin bubbled the second two (could easily be done by the second tank with cooldowns), rogue soaked all the individual strength and courage sparks, and I (the windwalker monk) soaked the third set of rages.

    From then on the next cycles composed of Disc priest soaked first set of rages, I soaked the second, rogue soaked the third (with Cloak of shadows). Rogue still did all the Strengths and Courages while we had our Ret paladin *tank* the strengths with righteous fury on. He could pretty much solo it with a little help from our dot classes. Obviously you're set up is a little different so here's what I reccomend for y'all.

    First set of rages have your hunter soak them. Have the DK soak the first strength with AMS and a PW:S. Second set of adds have your monk soak them with Diffuse magic. Courage have your shadow priest soak it. Third set of rages your hunter can soak again (if he has the talent that makes deterrance a 1 minute cd). The final strength will be the tricky one. You're going to want to rotate between unglyphed divine protection + Pain sup and bubble on your paladin. Another way you can handle this is add your monk's zen med into the equation. Have your ret paladin *tank* them with righteous fury. Makes your life easier, and he should be able to close to solo it with a bit of help from ranged (important later)

    Getting more specific on how the boss plays out

    1st set of rages have one tank soak them
    1st strength have your monk use zen med
    2nd set of rages have the other tank soak them
    1st courage have your spriest soak them
    3rd set of rages have your hunter deterrance and pop readiness right after so the deterrance is ready for the next set of rages.
    2nd strength have your paladin bubble

    Now the cycles are in the same predictable manner and repeat in a predictable manner until the soft enrage. From here its just keeping the rhythm steady.
    4th set of rages hunter with deterrance
    3rd strength dk with ams and PW:S
    5th set of rages monk with Diffuse magic. Special note here and this goes from every set after this. We had our melee stay on these rages till they died. When there was 5 seconds to when the courage dropped, all of our ranged would get behind the courage and start blasting it. We found the courages would move into Devestating Combo range rather quickly, which made melee there useless. Melee also get a 50% damage buff which makes killing rages pretty quick, especially if you're able to chain stun them in place (your monk can do this very easily).
    2nd courage shadow priest after the spark is away from the bosses so they don't get buffed
    6th set of rages hunter deterrance. Once these rages died, we had all melee who could dance (our ret paladin can't dance to save his life) jump onto the boss so they could get a devestating combo dance in during the break. The ranged and your ret tank would finish off the strength.
    4th strength you use divine protection plus pain suppression or divine shield if its up.

    The cycle repeats from here, make sure your paladin has the talent that reduces the cd of bubble by using holy power. It basically makes it a 2.5 min cd vice a 5 min cd. if for some reason something goes wrong and you need another soak, your monk will have zen med still to use. As said before, having a rogue really makes soaking strengths and courages a non issue, that said, DKs are supposed to be really strong for this fight.

    If your DK sucks at dancing I reccomend having him go blood in dps gear and taking all the strength sparks while having ranged assist him on the second one in each cycle. This will free up your rotation a bit.

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    I think the key to this fight is make it as simple as possible. Simple for the DPS soaking, simple for the healers healing. Our raid consists of:

    Guardian Druid
    Blood DK

    Holy Paladin
    MW Monk

    Survival Hunter (me)
    Ele Shaman
    Enhancement Shaman
    Frost Mage
    Destro Lock
    Shadow Priest

    We don't have the tanks taking anything - they have enough to worry about. It goes without saying that they need to avoid almost every dodge phase - not just to get opportunistic strike, but to ease the healing they require. If your tanks are getting hit a lot, the healers will have to focus on them more, which is likely to strain them to the point of breaking. LFR finally has a use - bring your mains and your alts and do the dance on all of them to practice.

    For the rage sparks, we have a very simple rotation - Hunter > Monk > Hunter > SPriest. I don't use Readiness as a DPS cooldown - I save it in case someone misses a spark. With the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Deterence-buff talent in row 1, I'm able to take every second spark throughout the fight. After the initial set of 6, they come in smaller sets before a break, so the SPriest also becomes a backup in case a spark is missed. Of course, the rages have every CC on them we can throw - Ice Trap, Ring of OP Frost etc. We also stun the rages if they decide to target our enhance shaman, who's tanking the strength, so that they target someone else.

    For the strength sparks, our frost mage takes them. He's does this, primarily because he's awesome and secondarily because mages are awesome, by tagging the spark and then instantly blinking away. It took us a few attempts for him to get the timing right, but now he never fails.

    For the courage sparks, the lock takes them all.

    During the first set of rages, we have Mage Blink or Ice Block, Hunter Readiness Deterence and Paladin Bubble as our backups. After that longer first set, we also have the SPriest dispersion available. This means that if two rages don't die together, or one of us fails to take both sparks, we have enough backup to cover the mistake.

    DPS focus is very simple too. Rages > Courage > Boss > Strength. The enhance shaman is always on a strength, so the rest of us just dot it as we pass from rage to courage. We call the end of the "breaks" early so that everyone is ready to re-dps the new set of rages.

    Doing this we do about 25% of the boss' health for each break. After three breaks we kill one or two rage waves and the first strength, then the mage and I CC the rest (Wyvern, Frost Trap, Polymorph) while we flat nuke the bosses.

    -Lee (Trollsroyce) - Just Trash, Burning Steppes

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    Thank you for the responses.
    Going back in tonight. Hope we get it down.

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    if your frost DK goes blood (still dps gear) and "tanks" the strengths, he should be able to soak all of the sparks from them. druids get dispersion from priests, so for rages hunter, monk, hunter, spriest works. For courages you have a ton of CDs left, including the ret and prot bubbles for people, resto druid can get disersion from the spriest, disc's pain supp on ele sham, etc.

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    All I will say is just sort out your CC/Soak rotation properly and you will have the kill, we got to will after clearing the other bosses there and spent an hour basically wiping on our first attempts, the next week we reset the lock and went in and killed it from 85% best try to a kill in 3 tries that night. Just communicate with each other, that's obviously important.

    We used 2 healer's, myself focused on the tanks and the other on the raid, it's not really hard to heal if its done properly (which is has to be in order to get the kill)

    Our setup was:

    2 Tanks

    Prot Pala/Blood DK

    2 healer's

    Holy Pala (me) Resto Druid

    6 Deep's

    Hunter x2
    Shadow priest
    Frost DK

    We had 3 people rotate the courage spark, the DK was on the Rage spark (popped blood presence and AMS) and the 2 hunters/SP/resto drood with deterrence taking the rages. You will probably have to CC some of the rages when they courage is up, and aoe them down after but aslong as you do that right it's fairly simple fight.

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    We used the 3 tank strat and found it by far the easiest method for soaking.

    We ran
    Tanks: DK, Monk, Druid (normally our boomkin)

    Healers: Monk, Shaman

    DPS: hunter, mage, warlock, frost dk, shadow priest

    The boomkin respec'd gaurdian and stacked stam gems in a mix of tank and balance gear as the only thing that matters is the HP of the soaker tank. I think in the end he had 728K health and gaurdian druids have a base 25% reduction to magic damage so even with no CDs up the bear only took 560K hits and we just healed him up in between soaking and he took all the sparks from the rages and strengths. The hunter would generally take the courages and dps just nuked stuff down. Made the fight very simple

    below is a link to our first kill. The soaker tank kills himself mid fight for no reason but we got the kill. The checkmark on his screen is a weakaura that tells him when he has more then 600K health and it is safe to soak

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    We did it with

    Tanks: Dk,Druid

    Healers: Pala,Dpriest

    Dps: Hunter x2,Ele shammy,rogue,boomkin,mage

    The ele shammy (me) was the only one not soaking and we had the rogue tank the big adds and soak them and used oomkin and mage for shield adds and then
    just let the hunter handle the rages. Took us loads of wipes to get the rotations to work out but in the end we did it with 3 ppl still standing

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