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    PC won't boot after taking out RAM


    After taking out DDR2 ram out of my OLD PC to try it on another old machine(which didn't work), I returned it back to its original state in the machine and now my PC won't boot up at all. The button keeps on blinking blue when I start up the PC and nothing is happening, no signals of monitor turning on or anything.

    Any ideas?

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    you may need to drain the caps. Simpy way to do this, unplug powersupply or switch off, hold down power button for a minute, make sure ram is installed correctly and in the correct slot then boot it up.

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    You have to push them in the slots really well, otherwise the ram modules wont make contact.

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    Can also try reseting cmos most start up issues I've had were fixed just by cmos reset

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    Tried pretty much everything above and it still won't start up. The turn on button keeps being blue which is normal I guess, but there is no picture on monitor or anything. And the hard drive button seems to be barely glowing/blinking. I can't hear anything when I start up the PC, other than the fans, I expected at least a beep. It's a really small intel atom motherboard with integrated card.

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    If the mboard doesn't support ddr2 then it'll not function.
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    If you have more than one stick of RAM, try switching their slots

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    Tried it, it's the same RAM I took out. All I did was take it out and put it back in and I have no idea why it won't turn on anymore. :'(

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