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    Upgrade Advice.

    I am looking to upgrade some things on my PC over the next 2 months and ive got most everything mapped out that i want but what i want to do with the video card is another story. I am currently using a Nvidia GeForce GTX 460(1gb) and im not sure if i want to upgrade to a GTX660 or save some money and just get a second GTX460 for SLi. Any ideas?

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    Go with the GTX 660, Ti version if you can afford it, would be a much better choice IMO. You're going to need some pretty high SLi scaling for the 2x460's to match a 660, which isn't going to consistently happen from game to game, and if WoW is your primary game, you can forget about it happening completely.

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    sort by rank and search (strg+f) for your cards. personally i decline sli, so i would get the 660
    i bought a gtx 560ti oc about a year ago, very happy with this choice!

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