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    It was awesome when i was 11 and wanted to roflstomp every game I played. It doesn't take long before throwing for 900 yards and rushing for 400 in a game of Madden gets really old though. We all look at this stuff differently, just the other day on here I saw a post where somebody wanted the lvl brackets removed from WoW pvp so their 90 could crush lvl 10s. That type of person I imagine gets their ass kicked at work, school or whatever they do in RL so much they need the release in the land of pixels.
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    hmmm I would say I play on medium to have quite a challenge, yet be able to move forward quickly in story.

    If I really loved the game, I play it on hardest settings afterwards too ( last was Mordern Warfare III, which I still found pretty easy though )

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    depends on the game, i played through ME 1 and 2 on easy mostly to have a perfect save prepared for ME3 but games like DMC and Bayonetta, non-stop climax and hell or hell i love that stuff
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    it depends. Ill usually do Normal first but have no problems doing faceroll easymodes in games. I played Halo on easy, it was fun.

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    I just want to have fun.

    I have notice that "normal" isn't really normal for me. Notice this since I first started playing games in the 90s. So if there is an "Easy" difficulty, I almost always pick that. "Normal" seem to be for the "hardcore" gaming crowd.

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    this is what i do, i play a game on its easiest difficulty first, to see the main story line and get a good grasp of the maps, then ill play it on its harder/hardest difficulties

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeydivision82 View Post
    How do you guys feel about playing games on easy?
    I don't use it, but I understand why it is there. Some people just want to enjoy the game and/or story, and I've no issues with that. Personally, I play on normal and then crank it to the highest setting available and expect to die a lot.

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    I used to play games on easy when I was a kid, because every time I encountered a problem, I would just reserve to cheats.
    Now I don't really like easy level of difficulty, because while playing on it - the game feels too boring, too dull, and just... Well. Easy. Not entertaining.

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    Very much depends on the game and how I am feeling but I primarily play on hard for most games unless I am completely new to the genre (I used easier difficulties when I first started playing the Civ games). There are times where I really want a challenge to get that sense of accomplishment when I finally beat that boss. Other times I may just feel like carving a bloody swath through my enemies with little effort.

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    I play on normal on most games that allow difficulty choosing, but like some people mentioned, i will switch to easy if its a genre i don't usually play (RTS, Hack n'slash) , and if i find it too easy ill pop to normal.

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    I play on normal for most games, unless it's something i want to play skilfully.

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    hmmmm ever tried DMC on hell mode ? once you get hit your dead.

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    Play it on easy, see the story, experiment with different options in weapons/skills. play a second save about 2/3 zones back on normal/hard so you know whats going on for the challenge??
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    Always or well almost always the hardest mode unless it's a game where I really do not enjoy the gameplay and only play for the story but that's quite rare

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    Any Fagtivision/EA game= hardest possible difficulty cause even then its not close to normal difficulty of games from the 90's...
    Any other game... I pick hard right away, if there are 5 difficulty levels, i will pick 4, if its too easy i will go 5. However 5th difficulty level ,when it exists, is mostly created for when you already completed the game and you know wtf you are doing.
    No challenge=no fun
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    Legendary or Mythic right out of the box... can't get better if you don't try. Yes... you will fail... but you will learn.

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    I normally set the difficulty to a setting just past normal (if possible) on my first play through. I often find normal is a little easy sometimes, although I do appreciate it as a difficulty as it's not mind numbingly boring like easy is in most games.

    With that said, if a game seems incredibly difficult to me, I have no problems lowering the difficulty so I can try to beat the content. I do prefer to eventually work my way to the highest difficulty settings though.

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    As others said, it depends on the game. I don't play shooters as much anymore so recently when I went through Bioshock for the first time I played it easy since there were no weapon cheat codes. I enjoy a challenge but it seems like the way a lot of games handle it is making resources really scarce as opposed to improving UI/giving monsters more health. Having to be super careful with resources may be more of a challenge, but it doesn't make the game more fun for me and for the most part I just want to see the story.

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    I almost always just play on the default setting which is mostly normal. I very rarely will put a game on hard. I actually can't even think of the last time I played a game on hard. I only put it on easy if I'm just not enjoying it or I'm getting my butt kick too much for my enjoyment. I don't play games for a challenge. I play to have fun and relax/waste time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigrun33 View Post
    Why play a game just to see it through and "get it over with"? If I am going to play the game, its going to be how I want to do so, and again that is generally as difficult as the game allows. If slogging through it on easy just so you can watch the ending is so important, why not just watch it on Youtube and skip it over?

    I find the journey just as important as the destination, and again, I'll play through them at the difficulty I want. I'll get through my backlog when I get through my backlog. I've got 2 kids (read: limited playtime) and I'm working my way through. I imagine those with more free time should have zero problem getting through their library of games regardless of difficulty.
    I'm not suggesting burning through it just for the ending, I'm saying make the journey a bit easier, to see how the story pans out, and then get to the ending.

    Just because youboutvit on easy doesnt remove 99% of the story, Nd you only get the ending.

    An example is the original Devil May Cry, you get all the scenes, you still get to do some exploration, but you get to skip passed the black cat like mini bosses, among a few other things, and in no way does that take away from the story.

    People also said "if I want just a story, I'll read a book" which I also don't understand, because not all games come in book form, and actually, a great majority of them don't. Aside from that point, why read a book when you can play the book?(in a sense) and get the complete story still.

    I'm not say opinions here are wrong, but I don't feel that cgallenge equals quality story telling.

    When I want a challenge, I'll play an RTS online, or Demon's Souls, or even have a race to finish a game with a friend.

    Challenge in standard single player games can be fun, but my main purpose for playing is for the story, so I don't see how "watching the ending in YouTube" is the same as plaything the entire game, challenge or no challenge.

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