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    Honor gear vs Conquest gear

    The new honor gear has more resilience and pvp power than the conquest gear. The conquest gear has more stats obviously since it is a higher ilevel but I am curious as to how good this actually stacks against the extra resilience in the honor gear. I would imagine that the extra resilience and would be better than the bonus stamina for defense.

    I'm sure the conquest gear will be better overall but it just seems weird to upgrade gear and yet have it be a downgrade in resilience and pvp power. Any thoughts on this or how the extra stats actually compare to the resil and power differences?

    Edit: Maybe i should have posted this in the pvp section but I'm a pally and only read this part of the forum.

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    Blizzard say the extra resilience and pvp power on the new (476) honor gear makes it equivalent to 483 (the old conquest gear) for pvp. So I don't think anyone will prefer it to the new conquest gear.

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    Blizzard says doesn't convince me of anything. I'm not saying your wrong in this instance, but if blizzard said that crit was better for me than haste I wouldn't just accept it because they said so.

    It will be weird hitting the "less geared" players for less dmg than the more geared players.

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