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    It forces you to pvp to get pvp gear?The shame!

    But really the reason it is so you can not just sit at your rating, you have to actually prove yourself to keep your rating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nagassh View Post
    Part of me wonders why you're playing if you don't enjoy it. If you don't enjoy playing, then play as much as you can handle and don't worry about the cap. If you enjoy playing, then the increased cap means you can continue enjoying playing and continue to be rewarded.
    This pretty much. There is nothing else that need to be said. The cap just gives you the opportunity to catch up to being able to be on an even playing field unlike before. No one is forcing you to cap. I mean if anything, the beginning cap system truly forced you to get capped every week; if not, those unearned points from the previous week are lost forever. Now that is FORCING.

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