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    (A)<Azuremyst Champions> 25man Heroic Raiding Guild. 13/14 hc

    Current Progress;
    Cataclysm; Everything cleared when current.
    T14; cleared cutting edge
    T15; cleared cutting edge
    T16; 13/14hc

    Azuremyst Champions is the leading guild on our server and we are seeking players to be part of our progress in Mists of Pandaria content.

    About us:

    Azuremyst Champions is one of the oldest guilds on this TBC era launched server.

    A social guild at birth we have evolved over time into a guild taking 25man raiding seriously and achieving server firsts along the way.

    We raid 25-mans 4 nights a week: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday with alt runs or old content on off-nights. DKP loot system, adjusted over time to best suit the guild and constantly under review for future tiers. Main raid times are 19:45 - 23:00 server time. The guild environment is mature and respectful. That's not to be confused with being out of touch or unaware of the culture of gaming, its a choice. The guild has a mix from many nations with English being the chosen language during raids.

    There is no attendance requirement but obviously the more you turn up to raid the more you will get picked to raid. There is some competition for spots but great players pick themselves!

    As a guild we are very relaxed but once in a raid environment people are expected to be prepared and perform at the level required by more Hardcore guilds. It's a combination that is ideal for certain types of player, more about that later. We also have a busy forum full of the usual stuff with threads for; raid feedback including log reports, theorycrafting and general musing.

    About You:

    You know your class. You like to raid and to be in raids with people who take it seriously. You also have commitments outside of the game but don't want to feel you have to make special posts apologizing profusely for your absence each and every time.
    You may be a hardcore raider looking to take a step back from the pressure of attendance requirements yet you know you wont enjoy the game with people who don't take the game seriously. We have many such players in our ranks including a number of old raid leaders, guild masters and old school PvP Marshals.
    You may be a serious raider who just wants to raid in a mature respectful environment with officers who have a good grasp of reality.

    Ultimately you want to game hard and have a social life/ meet your RL commitments. Yes at AC you can have your cake and eat it too!

    All exceptional applications will be given serious consideration. We are not looking for any specific class or spec for the time being.

    What we are looking for:
    All exceptional applications will be given serious consideration, even if the spec isn't listed below.

    We are currently recruiting;

    All DPS specs.
    All exceptional applications considered.

    If you like what you just read then please make an application at:

    Or you can make an alt and pop by our server to have a chat with one of our officers:
    Redsparowe - battletag in sig.
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    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    Bump, still looking
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    Bump for more dps!
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    still looking
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    Still need DPS!
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    Bump for Protectors Heroic dying. 13/16hc
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    still looking!
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    Still looking, we currently have no ret pallies or enh shamans in the guild!
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    bump for more DPS!
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    found a warlock! still need DPS. Ret Pally preferably but most classes possible
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    Lei Shi Hc dead - 14/16hc
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    still need more dps
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    Bump opening recruitment for an extra healer

    recruitment now for;

    High priority -
    Ret Pally
    Enh Shaman

    Normal priority -
    Holy Paladin
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    bump for DPS and a healer
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    evening bump
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    Bump - we really want some paladin action!
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    Bump for 15/16hc
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    bump to top
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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    Many applications recently, potentially still looking for exceptional players.
    Minhee <Converge>, Khadgar EU, redsparowe#2548

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