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    Which spec for arena?

    Hi folks,

    What's the most viable spec in arena at the moment? And in 5.2.
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    Either affliction or destro. If you have T2 affliction is much better in my opinion but it all comes down to what comp your running and what you enjoy.

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    What horrible advice.

    2v2: Demo.
    3v3: Demo in 99% of situations.
    RBGs: Whatever you want. Destro is easiest to handle.

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    Oh....I thought it was a joke thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tya View Post
    What horrible advice.

    2v2: Demo.
    3v3: Demo in 99% of situations.
    RBGs: Whatever you want. Destro is easiest to handle.
    I wouldn't listen to this person chances are they have never been above 2k or played in high level or competitive arena. I have my armory is in my profile. With the demo nerf it's not as viable anymore in my opinion. If affliction is played right and you time your CDs with your team mates it can be very effective. Destro in arena will be trained a lot but can still be good if your team mates can provide enough cc to get a chaos bolt off I would suggest running with kil jadens cunning for both affliction and destro.

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    Like Sxo says, demo has dropped to our lowest represented +2200 spec in arena after the chaos wave nerf. Without chaos wave's burst we have little other pressure to put out in that spec.
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    The one-trick-pony spec Destro is not viable in the arena, do not even try.
    Might want to try Afflic in 3s or 5s.
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    In my opinion If you run in 2x2 with another burst DPS, demo is fine!

    In 3x3 or 5x5, I prefer affliction or destro. But if you have a high rate, probably you can´t easily use your CB! In a RBG I like destro!

    I miss the affliction in cataclysm! =)

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    2's affliction is terrible. I've never lost in arena vs an affliction lock (and have faced gladiators), and guarantee I'd never lose a duel, to the point where everyone I know smiles and knows it's a win in the bag. In 5's that's a different story, affliction is probably very good in 5's.

    IMO demo is the best for 2's, didn't feel much of a loss from chaos wave nerf as touch of chaos is way more effective against one target, which is what I'm trying to kill in 2's. With demo, you can get cc'd but your demon will still usually be doing damage, along with the imps that are un-cc'able, you have a ton of survivability (harvest life works particularly well in rbg maps like EoTS at the flag, or kotmogu, getting you a ton of power quickly so you can use it to unload and focus targets down), plus you have a knockback.

    I love affliction, it's simple sure, but it feels like I'm a warlock, draining the life from my enemies which is fun to me, but in current super-bursty pvp draining life isn't ever going to cut it unfortunately unless you are teamed with people who can burst.

    I feel like they are all really viable to play in 3's, 5's, or rbg's though. It seems like rbg teams with a warlock of each spec might do really well.

    Don't take my opinion too seriously though, this is the first season I've competitively pvp'd for anything other than just weekly capping, I'm just doing it on my med pop pve server with friends and family, and we didn't break 2k, I'm noobsauce to the max and I know it. Despite noobness though I have beaten several 2.2-2.4k+ gladiator warlocks in duels before, actually I've possibly never lost a duel to another warlock I can't remember, and barely ever in 2's, maybe once or twice .... however I've been pwned hard and burned alive by many chaos bolts in rbg's!

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