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    Do you have Tyrael's Charger? That's a pretty rare mount considering only 15% or less of all players have it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lap View Post
    if you are tired i'd recommend sleep :3

    P.S. Anzu> all those mounts
    Curse that dam bird for still not dropping the mount for me I have been farming him since End TBC
    I don't always hunt things, But when I do, It's because their things & I'm a Bear.

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    The irony...
    Read this thread and gave a shot at the blue proto drake and raven lord...

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    I am lucky then.

    Or unlucky just how you see it.

    Green Proto drake - The damn thing just never is in the egg!

    Blue Proto Drake - seen it drop once in WotLK. Never seen it again.

    Onyxia I'm soloing every week and in Cata we 3 manned. No mount seen.

    Black War Mammoth - Going Vault of Archavon every week - Never even seen it in WotLK days.

    Malygos mount - I just try when I have the time and want to try it.

    All other soloable mountruns I just try when I have time.

    Here is where I am lucky though:

    I have all 3 mounts from Death Wing, the meta one, the rare drop and the old 100% drop when you did him on Heroic.

    I have Ashes of Al'ar. It was the last week we had to go as a group. Both the lock and druid friend of mine are able to solo it now. I just help out when needed.

    And you know what I don't use any of these mounts!

    I use the Astral Cloud Serpent. It dropped on my first Elegon kill. And it was in a pug. I absolutely love that mount!

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    Good ol' RNG, I'm on some 50 kills of Anzu with no mount, but I got Attumen's horse randomly while I was going for T4. I also got 5 right bindings before the left one dropped, it hurts a little leaving legendaries on the corpse.

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    6 Kael'thas kills - 1 Al'ar
    1 egg - 1 green protodrake
    3 magisters terrace runs - 1 swift white hawkstrider

    the rest? Nope, not lucky. Do I care? nope.

    RNG is RNG, and who cares if a mount is rare or not, seriously, just use the mount YOU like.
    "everyone can use those mounts now" so? You're not entitled to be the only person having a certain mount you know..

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolkingler1 View Post
    Guess I got lucky with a mount.

    I am not farming rare mounts but I did once for 1 mount only: Raven Lord.

    I got it on 4th run.
    78th for me ...
    84 for the white hawk strider
    22 for the azure
    about 30 for the blue proto...
    about 25 eggs for the green proto

    i only got really lucky with the white polar bear, 2 try oO...
    im farming kael'thas atm, still didnt got it but its really fast to do so, no biggy

    im tired of farming tbh

    but keep on going, you might get one someday!

    ( i want that halloween mount .... 3 years, 5 character, everyday of the event, still no mount)

    @Zebluh, you really like to be cruel dont you xD
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    Only rare mount i got is the zul grub tiger i farm that from i ding 80 in wotlk got it last week u cud run zul grub (lvl 60 raid) so i guess i was lucky other wise i never get a rare mob :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lap View Post
    if you are tired i'd recommend sleep :3

    P.S. Anzu> all those mounts
    Fiery Anzy > Anzu, and I own it \o/.

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    Well as many have stated before... is RNG, sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you're not...

    I went one time to check if i didn't need a druid to summon the raven lord, and i was happy that i didn't need it so i killed him and got him on the first try

    I ran MT like 60 before i got the mount, and then i went once more with a friend that only wanted the phoenix hatchling and BAM! mount dropped... (her first try and got the mount)

    Everytime i can i run EoE (i never run it alone) and 30% of the time a (sometimes both) mount drop (at least for me), and i got one but the blue drake hate me and he don't want to be with me D:

    etc... etc... etc....

    So in the end it depends on what mistress RNG wish

    I kill Skatti 14 times everyweek (7 with my priest and 7 with my hunter)

    Since Cataclysm i have been killing Garr for the binding... but nothing...

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    It could be worse, I saw 2 rare mounts drop, and didn't win the rolls. I would have rather not seen the mounts drop at all.

    The only rare mounts I have are the Green Proto Drake, the Swift White Hawkstrider, the Reins of the Ravenlord, the White Polar Bear, the Fossilized Raptor, the Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank, the Headless Horseman's Mount, and the Grand Black War Mammoth.

    The Battle Tank took the longest to farm, I got the Hawkstrider after about 100 attempts, and I didn't even have the winning roll for the GBWM, but no one said anything and I wasn't going to either lol.
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    Think on the bright side, when you do get one of those mounts it'll feel all the more special to you! It was like that for me when I got Anzu after the 300th attempt, it felt like being freed from a curse!

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    RNG is indeed a bitch, I have been farming (on and off) for baron rivendare's charger since classic (used group back then obviously). Never seen it drop, and gotten the runesword 2 times.
    My brother never cared, but one day he decided to give it a shot, and voila he got the mount on he's first try. He's been taunting me with it ever since :P

    I do have some other mounts though, the one from kara, green and blue proto drake, white hawkstrider, the dragon from vortex pinacle and ashes of al'ar. Got sick and tired of the trail left behind from ashes after a few days of using it though, had to switch to another mount XD

    Trying to get ravenlord and the stonecore mount for now, could be using more chars. But i'm lazy.

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    Well if RNG gets you down, try and earn ones through achievements. Red Serpent is pretty awesome.

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    1. 3rd Run of old ZG got the Zulian tiger.
    2. Umm 4th week or so of current Onyxia 10? Got my drake last Tuesday.
    3. 4th day of Heroic Magisters Terrace got the Hawkstrider. Was just get farming Rep for the exalted title.
    4. I don't remember how many days of Anzu farming I did but I got Anzu 2 days after getting the Hawkstrider from MT.
    5. Got the Red Qaraji Battle Tank wayyyyyy back when AQ was the current tier/raid instance. Was the only one that dropped during the raiding with my guild at that time.
    6. 3rd Egg for the Green Proto Drake.
    7. 4th day for the white polar bear for the dailies.
    8. Saw the mount from Stonecore drop and it went to a druid that never used it.
    9. Saw the mount from Vortex Pinnacle, went to a guildie warlock, warlock left the guild 2 days later.
    10. Still working on the Karazhan mount every week.
    11. I have 5 of the 6 raiding drakes from Wrath though. I see very few people with the Naxx 10 and 25 man meta achievements. Always run around with my Immortal title.
    I like how it shows that I have alliance mounts but I have never had an alliance character above lvl 21 ever.
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    Well, I already got a fair amount of these mounts...

    Already got the Green Proto Drake from the egg.
    Already got the Polar bear.
    Got the Blue Proto Drake from Skadi. It dropped on a few tries after I began soloing the place, so it was really lucky.
    Got the White Chicken and the Fenix pet from Kael. Another lucky strike.
    And a really stroke of luck, I found Aeonaxx when I wasn't even looking for him, I was on my way to Therazane and he was there (forgot about the portal, lol). Nearly fell off the chair when NPCScan screamed.


    I don't even use any of these mounts. Honestly, most of them are really ugly nowadays. As are the Black, Plagues, even Alar!

    The only mount of those I think beautifull is the Malygos mount, and even so I have better mounts. And the best ground mount that you didn't mention... The mount frm Alysrazor. Now, that one I will farm until death =3

    Do the farming at your own pace, don't overdo it.

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    Proud owner of the Black Qiraji battle tank
    A few other rares too but you'll only see me sat on this one! <3
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    I have the Green Proto-Drake and Twilight Drake, that about covers my "rare" mounts. I have seen the Raven Lord drop, but we were there because my friend wanted it, so it was his to keep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Zait- View Post
    I hear you man. The only rare mount I've got is the White Chicken from Magister's Terrace, on my first try. I think I got it because I honestly didn't want it, and I'm convinced the RNG in WoW can read your mind through your computer. When I played WoW I farmed everything every week for a while, and nothing dropped except the white chicken mount. My cousin got the Ashes of Al'ar on his second try.

    RNG is a fickle bitch.
    The only time i seen Ashes of Al'ar, it was on WotLK and a guildmate who usually never came with us (we were 3 + him = 4), ashes of Al'ar dropped and ...
    He got it, along with the achievement "beat Kael'Thas" ...

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    Huh, rare is rare? RNG can be a bitch, 5% can be more than a couple hundred kills unfortunately.

    I got my phoenix a few weeks ago after farming it on 3 chars since pandaria launch (I've tried before but not too frequently). Plus more chance going solo. Got it on my healer monk which takes forever to kill. The only solution for you is to keep to it or not bother.
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