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    RNG is a bitch, no doubt about that.

    I already have the Zulian Tiger and Baron after no lifing for a couple of months.

    4th/5th Run through UP for Blue Proto Drake (2010) - I still remember waiting for my mate and a few other puggers to run back in after dying to skadi's fire and we were contemplating whether it would drop. It turned out it did and I won it rolling something ridiculous like 30 or 40. So glad that it wasn't my friend as I wouldn't hear the end of it.

    2nd bag for White Polar Bear (2010) - Lucked out hardcore.

    Rest will never go down in my history thats for sure. I can't commit to these things in MoP like I used to back WotLK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batmonishere View Post
    So instead of saying, maybe we should make mounts be individual and be gained after x runs, people say "rng is a bitch, too bad for u someone got it after no effort, deal with it, bliz's model is perfect and should not be critized"
    The fanboy is strong in these posters.
    Nothing to do with fanboy. RNG is inherent part of the game for stuff to drop. There's already tons of mounts bound to some sort of grind, mostly in the form of reputation, a ton more than rare drops actually.

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    Got both bindings my first run on my monk.

    Got both the Onyxian Drake and Fiery Warhorse the same week.

    Got the White Chicken a while ago.

    Other than that, nothing.

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    i have almost every single rare / removed mount in game. Only 2 left on radar is tol vir 101 solves and stonecore mount.

    I would have ultrax experiement mount too but i gave it away. Prolly shouldn't had.

    If you dont like RNG might i suggest channelge modes? If you cant get silver and find 5 capable friends that is a personal problem.

    Pheonix is top 5 of my favorite mounts out of my massive collection of rare raid and dungeon mounts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wikkr View Post
    RNG is a cruel cruel mistress. I spent 6 years killing garr every week before he FINALLY gave up his thunderfury binding. My missus went there the other week to get the pets and got both bindings that run.
    ouch, It took 6 months for barron to drop his, THE VERY NEXT RUN both bindings dropped
    NEVER saw the eye drop,
    3 years of runs over 3 toons to get the raven lord,
    15 - 20 for the swift white (wasnt farming for it, i wanted the pet),
    got the blue proto from a friend in WOTLK (it dropped, we rolled, he won, i gave him 5k, we traded)
    got the blue drake the same way ^
    White polar bear after 3 weeks of dailys

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    Hm.... got ashes after about 10-15- solo kael kills
    disgusting oozeling in my first bag
    azure drake after <10 malygos solo kills (and my first solo 25)
    got geddons binding after a few kills and eye of ragnaros shortly after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by furaii View Post
    Really think its about time blizzard implemented a system that gives an extra 20% chance to get loot after you down a boss without getting a drop (in a way similar to how catching a pet works in pet battles) doing the same boss every week in a raid just to get nothing but a few gold is at the best of times very tedious.... even more so when like the OP says, you want to get an old world mount, I admit they SHOULD stay rare but 124 times (and counting, yea very unlucky.) I have downed anzu and STILL no mount, whereas some people get on the first drop... there really needs to be a new system in place for getting drops in general.

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    Ashes of al'ar - 3rd run at 70 with guild
    Aeonaxx - 1st time, Guildy shouted on guild it was up.
    Green Protodrake - 2nd egg
    White Hawkstrider - after about 9 kills.

    Rng can be a harsh mistress for some, and a great friend to others. Just keep at it.
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