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    Cant play wow anymore

    Today was a very sad day. I got an email from IT at my school, somehow I been using a crap ton of bandwidth and making the connection slow, so they are blocking the ports and possibly fining me. It hurts I cant play wow in my dorm anymore in my free time. I don't understand how they could track and most importantly how wow uses so much bandwidth. People can stream HD movies on netflix, youtube ,hulu etc and wow is the big bad boss. The fine is nothing only $75, pays so read a contract before you sign it. So now I do have options but it wont be worth it. I could go third party internet which would be about $35-70 bucks a month or wait four long months and play in the summer. I choose to wait but, I love wow not fair it gets blocked. QQ.

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    Wrong thread goodness

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    WoW uses very little bandwidth. Your school is mistaken.

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    Wow barely uses any bandwith. Bit torrent clients although are very large bandwidth hogs and are usually programmed to run in the background. Do you have a bit torrent client?

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    Playing WoW doesn't use much bandwidth. Downloading WoW, on the other hand...
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    Man that's a pretty tough break Like pretty much everyone else said, though, playing WoW doesn't use a lot of bandwidth. If you've been downloading torrents or streaming video/audio, that's probably why you've used so much data.

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    This is not wow's fault. currently while playing wow I am using 5.2kb/s

    You have either downloaded wow a couple of times or started downloading something through torrents.

    Sucks it happens. Let it be a lesson for another time.

    Also try ask them what exactly took up the bandwidth. they should be able to see it.


    Also get a cheap internet if you want to play wow. Basically anything above 1mbit/1mbit should easily be able to play wow.
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    Yeah, either they've got your IP mixed up with your heavily torrenting neighbor, or you've been doing more than just playing WoW. If you had to download the client, that would probably do it, as WoW's fairly huge, but as far as actually playing it goes, it takes very little.

    My tethering connection from my phone lets me play WoW with vent running just fine, without any lag in either; it only uses ~2 gigs over the course of a month if there are no updates (and that's with a good 2-3 hours per night, and raids on weekends).

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    I agree with Valkari's post above. I calculated at one time, that playing for approximately 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, you will use about 2 gigs of data while tethered to your phone over a month period.

    While it can be a bit laggy depending on where you are in the game, it's a pretty good alternative when you aren't able to connect via any other option.

    I too, feel that your school is mistaken in regards to saying that WoW is the culprit. It must be something else.

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