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    Solo pvp Class question

    Hello everyone, i have recently stopped doing pve with my old guild and ive been looking for a class that fits someone just bging and maybe doing the odd old raid ones in a while for some Transmog or for the hell of it.

    Faction and race doesnt matter, im just looking for some opinions on which class is self sustained in a normal pvp situation.


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    mage? I have no clue but it seems like all classes can hold their own.

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    DKs are the reigning kings of soloing
    Mages are the kings of random BGs

    Hunters are about middle ground (great at soloing, great in randoms)
    Locks are good/great at soloing (skill level), good/great in randoms (comps)

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    So from the looks of it, you suggest either mage or hunter if bgs are the main occupation

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    Help Me Choose My Class threads aren't allowed here. There is no real discussion about a subjective personal decision.

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