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    Rift past 20

    I have recently downloaded Rift, and it has been a blast so far. I love all the classes and each of the specs you can choose. Although it has been very fun so far, I feel like if I buy it I wont be able to get into it. Are the levels past 20 as fun as the ones leading up to it? I plan on dungeon leveling, so is there a plethora of dungeons like WoW (like 25 or something 15-60), or are they the same 10 that I will keep running over and over? How is the gearing process at 60? Is it a bunch of dailies (as you can see I am referring to WoW a lot), or just running a few dungeons every night? Lastly, how much time do I have to spend to be competitive at 60? I am currently in a WoW raiding guild, and still haven't been able to find a perfect balance between both games.

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    It's a fully featured MMO, the most robustly supported MMO on the current market. Of course it has all that stuff. -_-

    There are a ton of dungeons. Like 18 of them in two modes each; Normal and Expert. Expert modes are not like hard modes of WOW. They are the same instance but with new bosses or areas added. Some dungeons have a third mode: Master Mode; which is a third version of the instance. If we count the Experts/MMs, it's like 39 dungeons total. Not to mention the solo instances or raids.

    Can also downscale your level and run older or lower level dungeons even if you are level 60 and still be rewarded. Can do this in the Dungeon Finder too. So any dungeon, raid, quest or zone can be revisited as you see fit.

    Questing is mostly the same as the first 20 levels in Rift. Just more of them including like 4 epic quest lines that end with major story wrap ups. There are also Instant Adventures, solo dungeons called Chronicles, Onslaughts, Raid Rifts, Crafting Rifts, Hunt Rifts and 3 faction PVP as you level/endgame. Reputation grinds, cosmetic centric dailies, puzzles and achievements.

    Also player housing.

    Gearing at max level is fairly open to you; crafting, open world activities, pvp, dungeons, 10 man raids and 20 mans all have gearing paths up to a very high threshold. With only Relic gear being reserved for raiders.

    Raids in Rift are discrete. There is no 10 man version of a 20 man raid. A 10 man and 20 man raid are TOTALLY separate and different instances. With their own bosses, gear and mechanics, naturally.
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    With regards to instances:
    • In Chocolate Rift, Expert instances tended to add bosses for Expert modes, generally by extending the instance. In Storm Legion, Expert instances add mechanics, but do not increase the number of bosses. There are a total of 6 Storm Legion 5-man dungeons that you'll see between level 48 and 60.
    • Experts in Rift are functionally analogous to Heroics in WoW. There are 6 Storm Legion Expert dungeons that you'll farm at 60 in order to get into raids. There are 11 Chocolate 5-man dungeons that you'll run between level 10 and level 50. You'll likely not run the Expert or Master Modes of these, since they're tuned for end-game progression at 50.
    • Master Mode is not available yet for any of the Storm Legion instances. Master Mode is also not available through the Dungeon Finder.
    You can get a feel for the total set of instances here.

    Level 60 gearing, instance style (very cherry-picked from here):
    • Reach Hit requirements via crafted/quested/normal instance gear.
    • Run Experts for gear and currency (Empyreal Slayer's Mark) for set gear, upgrades.
    • Run raids for gear and currency (Frozen Eclipse Stone) for set gear, upgrades.

    Pretty standard. You don't need much rep for most of the gear, but the BiS cape, and most of the best runes (enchants?) to add stats to existing gear comes from rep. The thread referenced above (this one) will give you a great idea of what to expect at 60.

    Given that SL has relatively recently released, we're still on Tier 1 raids for the expansion. This means it's pretty easy to catch up - probably doable over a couple of weeks at 60, depending on the level of support from your guild.

    Note that the opportunity to receive a currency reward from a random Expert is granted once per day, but you can have up to 7 opportunities in queue. IE, if you can do 2 long play blocks a week, you are still able to complete your 7 "dailies" for the week. This philosophy extends to PvP and Instant Adventure rewards, but not to reputation quests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onorvele View Post
    This philosophy extends to PvP and Instant Adventure rewards, but not to reputation quests.
    Not in Instant Adventure either, you get 14 extra rewards daily added I thought. Thanks for linking my guide though!!

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    TY all for the replies

    How long will all of this stuff take me? Like I said in my first post, I am in a WoW raiding guild, so I will be playing Rift casually.

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    How long will all of this stuff take me?
    A long time, if playing casually.

    Its as demanding as Warcraft* or similar games. More so because you don't have a lot of "skip over" gear.

    *I have not played World of Warcraft seriously since like TBC. From what I understand of the current WoW game compared to Rift, WoW is more casual friendly. Apologies if I am ignorant of the finer points of current WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lathais View Post
    Not in Instant Adventure either, you get 14 extra rewards daily added I thought. Thanks for linking my guide though!!
    Hmm - I've not actually done the testing to confirm that the IAs were 2-per-day or 14-per-day. The cap is 14 though, regardless. I'll have to test it out over a couple days.

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