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    Which sort of Shammy shall i choose?

    Hi guys i recently posted a thread about which class i should re-roll for PvP that was fun. I've never given Shammies a look so i'm torn between which spec. i've honestly been considering a healing class of late and when i was thinking this people suggested Shammies. But i thought if i'm going to re-roll i want to atleast be a tiny bit familliar. I personally prefer melee instead of casting so i was thinking of Enh over Ele, but does anyone ave any experience in this area to which spec is the most fun? I know it varies between people too what each individual enjoys but i just want to har about your experiences and why you chose the spec you did and why you enjoy it, thankyou. :P

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    I've played all, Resto is very fun when you're abit more geared, Elemental does insane damage if you can cast, which for me doesn't happen very often lol, Enhance is very nice too, I've seen a few Enhance and they tear through people quite nicely, it's also a very fun spec to play

    I started my Shaman after playing only my Feral druid for 3years lol, and i started as Enhance which i found a good transition

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    If you're going to play a shaman, here is my PoV atleast.

    PvP point of view; While it is extremely fun to play both Ele and Enha are very easy targets for any other melee, but Resto on the other hand is among the best healers.

    PvE point of view; Enha is among the best melee dps, and Ele is somwhere in the middle of the tree. Ele is oftenly favoured over Enha in a 10 player enviorment due to having many melee in 10 can be hard. Resto is very fun to play in PvE since you can get some sick crits with enough mastery, and they are also among the best AoE healers.
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    Enhance in PvP is very fun, but they require a lot of practice and have a very high skill cap, if not the highest of any spec. I wouldn't PvP as Ele, since they funciton best as a turret. They do massive damage and disruption if they are left alone, but every PvPer knows how squishy Ele shaman are, and you'll get trained a lot. Can't say much about Resto, but you read a lot about how it is one of the stronger healing specs right now.

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    I been doing a lot of ele pvp lately. I can't get enough of it. At first I sucked hard but eventually I picked up on it while gearing up. It's like a ranged glass cannon basically. With proper positioning and sticking with teammates and healers, I can pump out huge burst while keeping myself alive.

    I have grown to like frozen power talent but for rbgs you may be told to bring Earth grab.

    However. In the same situations, a shadow priest and moonkin can do better. Elemental survivability is really bad and burst goes down the drain if healers dispel flame shock and when you get locked out of fire during Ascendance.

    But I'm loving it. Tried shadow priest and moonkin but no where near as fun as ele
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    PvE point of view; Enha is among the best melee dps, and Ele is somwhere in the middle of the tree.
    Ele is at the absolute bottom of the tree. Unless you are talking about the middle of one of these trees?
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    Ele is at the absolute bottom of the tree.
    Seconded. This is way most people on the shaman forum cries for (example here) Shamanism buff.

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    For PvP, resto has a lot of utility, and a lot of desirability.

    However Enh is one of the most fun class/ specs you can play...


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