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    Looking for a good DoT timer

    After playing healers for years and not caring about dps except for leveling I've started a second priest which I plan to keep a shadow spec on and dps sometimes (and perhaps level a warlock in the future) and I'm wondering what my best options are for DoT timers.

    I'd love some suggestions on a few different ones so I can look around and see which one I like the best, and I'm looking for one that I can display the dots on the hostile character nameplates so I can exactly which dots on are on which mob at that time.

    Thanks for any help!

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    For looking at dots on nameplates I find TidyPlates to be superior to any alternatives. clean, concise and simple!

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    Tidyplates is the goto addon for this kind of stuff. Or you can use a total package addon, like ElvUI that has a function like that built in.

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    As said above, if you're looking for dot timers above nameplates .. go for Tidyplates. Very easy to set-up and customize.

    However if you're looking for a general dot timer addon .. Fortexorcist is a good place to start.

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    I can't live without TellMeWhen. Very easy to start with and very indepth if you need it.

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