Thread: What is this?

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    What is this?

    Think this is a bug. Been happening off and on. What is this?

    This one happens when I mount up.

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    Is it just me or are those pictures tiny?

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    Crappy picture = impossible to see what happens
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    The top one Maybe. Its the blue and red tower in the background. The bottom one is not small. Its the red and blue boxes all over me every time I summoned my mount.

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    Those look like video card problems, i have never seen those before have you had these same problems on a different computer ??
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    I don't think it's the gpu, as everything else looks fine, no artifacts. Maybe there is a partially corrupted file in wow that causes this. Have you model edit or install addons from unknown sources? Also, did you have a virus attack recently? Some viruses can mess up with your installation.
    1)If non of the above, uninstall wow completely, delete any remaining files, uninstall any programs like Curse client, restart PC and redownload the game from
    2)I would also recommend updating your video drivers and uninstall programs that come from unknown / untrusted places + a virus scan.

    Try 1) first and see how it goes.

    ps: Generally, you should post such problems on the blizz official forum. They know best when the problem is technical.

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    No idea what that links to but probably less safe than or . It looks like a video driver problem. If that doesn't fix it, clear the cache out, but I'd say it was more likely to be driver.

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    As stated previously, I would definitely start with the video drivers. Wouldn't hurt to also reset the user interface if that doesn't have an effect. Please let me know if this helped you!
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