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    [H] Chamber of Aspects - Murder of Crows 16/16 Normal, 1/16 HC

    The Murder of Crows is looking to expand our roster of reliable and skilled players for our adventures into Pandaria’s raiding environments and everything this land has to offer us. Formed from a combination of Bronzebeard transfers and players from across the European servers, we’re a casual raiding guild built up of players varying from all walks of life and a great range of experience throughout WoW in its 8 years of existence.
    At the heart of our guild is a social atmosphere with regular raids, heroics and PvP, always looking to advance our position in this world in everything we do. Our raids are focused on progress but at the same time we do not sacrifice the reasoning behind why this game remains active and a joy to play, the social interaction and enjoyment in which the soul of raiding resides.

    We are currently raiding 3 days a week, Wednesday, Sunday and Monday, from 8 game time till 11 game time, with a 5minute break decided upon by the raid leader.

    Our recruitment is open to all who deem themselves sufficient to meet the following criteria:

    • Has and is able to speak on Teamspeak
    • Capable of raiding 2 out of the 3 days per week (extenuating circumstances allowed, ie giving birth, hit by an ambulance or fell out of your window. Being drunk isn’t an excuse but a regular occurrence with a few of our members)
    • Gear iLvl of a minimum 483 to allow for an easier transition into current raids, roughly around that mark will be considered upon application
    • Prior knowledge of the game and class to be proven with raiding experience in previous expansions, will be considered on an individual applicant basis

    Classes currently in need of:
    • 2 Tanks for our 2nd team
    • A few specific classes for both teams, however all exceptional applications welcomed

    If you feel you meet these requirements then feel free to contact a member of the guild for further information or apply online at murderofcrows.co

    Bnet ID: Carn#2354
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    Heroic feng down, 2/16 HC.

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