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    I am a touchy kind of person. I like to touch things and people especially my friends both male and female.

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    I personally dont. I have no problem giving my friends a hug, or a pat on the back or what-have-you. Though I can understand why this question may exist, I believe that the truly enlightened and secure man wont care about contact with another man. Is this just me rationalizing it to myself? Perhaps. But im sticking to it!

    If Im happy to see a friend or something whats wrong with giving a hug to show it? If there were more hugs and less fights, the world would be a better place.

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    For me it's not about fear or sexuality, I just really hate people infringing my personal space. Even my husband knows not to get up close unless I invite him to, and unwelcome close contact annoys me to the point where I have got very angry and physical with some people.

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    I'm gay and I don't hug my close male friends (nor do I have a particular wish to do so) simply because the culture isn't like that here. We have no problems hugging our male family friends or family members but when it comes to hugging personal male friends, it's a big no-no unless you haven't seen each other for a decade.

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    Depends what you mean by touch..Hug/handshake/patting on the back : sure. But if you are asking whether I act exactly the same around a female friend as I do around a male one...impossible to say really, depends on the level of friendship...Generally the deeper the friendship, the less touching I need to do to express it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eled. View Post
    I don't really understand the people in this thread who go all "I like it, people who don't most likely feel insecure about their sexuality."

    I personally don't like it, may it be with a straight or a gay friend, I just don't like being in physical contact with a male friend.
    I absolutely love physical contact with women, but I loathe it with men. I don't "fear" it or something, I just loathe it.
    That certainly has to do with some psychological traits of mine (and of course cultural influence throughout my life) ; but feeling insecure about my sexuality ? Come on.

    Edit :
    When I think about it, I might sometime make an infringement for some close friends, but that's quite rare.
    Well, anyway.
    I don't think anyone was saying if you don't personally like it that you are insecure. But when you then say if you do do it you must have sexual motives for it that you stray into the insecure.
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    Embrace me brothers!

    *holds arms open wide*
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    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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    Fizzbob reminds me of the army dad in American Beauty.

    OT: I have no problem with hugging.

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    Comfortable with my sexuality. I man hug most of my mates, slap bums in the shower after gym sessions etc. All friendly banter.

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    Sparring and contact sports are in its own category, because the intent is to make contact. Just don't touch my junk intentionally and we're cool.

    Male friends, usually shake hands on greet. Arm punches are normal, no hugs, and other primitive acts.

    As to everyday stuff, handshakes is my extent of touching other dudes. Think like back pats or other reaffirming gestures are fine, I just don't use them. Things like hugging or non-formal acts to other dudes I don't do. I find them lacking masculinity.

    Man to girl is different of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocko9 View Post
    Arm punches are normal, no hugs, and other primitive acts.
    So arm punches are normal but hugs are 'primitive acts'.

    I see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nevermore View Post
    So arm punches are normal but hugs are 'primitive acts'.

    I see.
    I see arm punches pretty normal amongst guys, don't you?
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    No, I am not some sort of social outcast that is insecure about his sexuality and thinks touching equals impregnation.

    Am I disgusted by touching a guy? Yes. Some niggas in MMOCHAMP showed me the light, they don't even wash their hands after going to the toilet. I am not shaking hands with a male unless I know them.

    People in general are disgusting.

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    Nope. I love touching my boyfriend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkm View Post
    I see arm punches pretty normal amongst guys, don't you?
    Of course it's normal. But saying that it's normal and then calling hugs 'primitive acts' in the same sentence makes my brain flash an ERROR sign.

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    i just love hugging male or female doesnt matter so no
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    Am I afraid to touch another man? No. Do I want to touch another man? Not particularly.

    Showing your affection for another man through physical contact just isn't something that I do. Hell, I don't even do it for many women. I think the last time I hugged someone was after my sister was the victim of domestic abuse.

    No telling how long before then. Years probably. I'm just not a touchy feely person.
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    No real problem, heck I've had carry, undress and shower my friend once, since he was fucking wasted(couldn't move pretty much rofl) and had pissed himself! Then I dressed him up in the ugliest clothes(including a knited beret that I think is my grandmothers) I could find and dragged him along to an afterparty. He looked like a tool. Good times.

    So a hug? No problem at all, I'd react if another man touched my cock or bum though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    Theres a lot of internet tough guys in this thread, in my experience it is the ones that defend their masculinity the most are the ones that have "issues" with their own sexuality.

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    How often does that happen?
    very rarely, putting your crotch into proximity of the other persons teeth is generally not an advisible move to make in a fight (which wrestling is a styalised form of).

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    It doesn't overly bother me but I'm not going to make an effort to hug another guy. It probably wouldn't be my default greeting to any male outside of family.
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