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  • Warsong Gulch

    41 26.97%
  • Arathi Basin

    32 21.05%
  • Alterac Valley

    27 17.76%
  • Eye of the Storm

    6 3.95%
  • Strand of the Ancients

    0 0%
  • Isle of Conquest

    6 3.95%
  • Twin Peaks

    10 6.58%
  • Battle for Gilneas

    6 3.95%
  • Silvershard Mines

    9 5.92%
  • Temple of Kotmogu

    15 9.87%
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    Favourite Battleground

    What is your favourite battleground? (Think in terms of fun, not max honour.)

    Explain why.
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    Warsong Gulch. The only BG where I feel like no matter what class I play or whatever role I am I can actually be a huge part of the success of the BG.

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    WSG. So many memories. A close 10 man BG that has no siege and requires teamwork and sometimes lone heroes to win. I actually feel needed and useful, unlike most larger BGs (AV/IoC).

    Dislike AV (Rush), IoC and Strand (Siege) mainly. Also coming to hold EotS to some content, but that's not because of the BG itself. It's just I checked on 2 of my 3 Alliance 90's and my win ratio for EotS was around 7 Losses per 1 Win :/. Alliance cannot play it at all

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    I really get excited for Silvershard Mines. I enjoy the new gameplay and strategies involved in it, as well as taking a cart from the enemy right as its about to cap while keeping them from doing the same to you. It may be because its new, but I always get pumped to get into a SSM

    The close runner-up for me is Gilneas. That map was my favorite to run during Cata, and I have enjoyed it just as much during Mists.
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    It really depends on my toon.
    On a leveling toon, I love Alterac Valley. Lots of fun, XP, and honor.
    On my feral, I love Eye of the Storn because I can Typhoon people off mid, but I hate it as my monk. Arathi takes a good second, though only cause I haven't done Temple of Kotmogu enough to decide about that one.
    On my brewmaster, I love Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin.
    On my fire mage, I love Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley.

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    its really probably a three way tie between AV, WSG and AB but ultimately i voted for AB. we did a lot of pvp back in vanilla, lots of hwl's in our guild so there are just so many memorable battles and fights in those three plus just a lot more time spent in them in general than the others. we played on a medium pop server back then and without trying to sound arrogant we would on some nights clear the queues out for WSG, the alliance would just up and stop playing it. AV was so memorable just because of the sometimes days long matches that took place. back then it was quite common to join an AV at say noon one day and play it up until the time you went to sleep (which wasnt long if anyone remember the hwl push) and when you woke up the next day the same battle going on.

    but in the end i voted for AB, it was i think for our guild our favorite. i felt like there was more strategy to be thought about with this BG than just about any other one released. we had several games after they implemented cross server bgs where we went up against full t2/t3 pve guilds from malganis and blackdragonflight in our pvp gear (most of our guild stopped the pvp grind after rank 10) and would end up 5 capping them. just so many epic fights at BS

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    Alterac Valley. I love the large scale battle. The moving around, coves, caves, towers and places to hide. There is actually strategy to it and no siege engines.

    I dont understand why people like Warsong Gulch. Its boring. People waving their flags around fighting in the mid. Straight there and straight back. No where really to hide. Hands down, my least favorite BG.

    Though, I can be honest and say I havent done alot of BGs since MoP launched I do like pvp. I have yet to try the new ones.

    I really wish that blizz would just add a BG that goes off of frags. That would be nice. First team to 150 killing blows wins. Dont know why they havent already.

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    I must say, I really love the new BG's this expansion! I really hate AV, SotA and IoC! I believe if Blizz let us blacklist 3 battlegrounds, those 3 would be deserted.

    My favourite BG is WSG! I don't know why, but everytime it pops, on every char I'm on, even at low levels, a lil wee comes out in excitement.
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    Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients.
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    arathi basin, hands now. big enough that you are not crippled by weak team mates, small enough that a few strong members with good strategy can make a huge difference. the map can reward zergy tactics or stealth and subtlety with equal success.
    i like gilneas, but its to small so it feels like you are forced to be a lot more zergy then AB . EotS us probably my second favorite after AB.

    i'm really the only person i know who likes strand, its not a very interesting map, but if you are just out to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time, its one of the best.

    i really like silvershard mines, a lot, its a unique map that i think is tons of fun.
    temple of kotmogu has the same appeal as strand does for me, a lot of zergy death and destruction when i just want mindless carnage.

    i'm not a fan of CTF maps, i tolerate twin peaks, but i've always hated WSG because of the problems with it's midfield map.
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    I voted for temple, its a nice change of pace and a lot of fun.

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    Im Alliance....AV of course. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when instead of losing most of the time we actually win 85%+ of the time. Also great for leveling Alts.

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    I voted for temple, its a nice change of pace and a lot of fun.
    My second favorite. Just blow people up and stay at mid. Simple as hell. Also having healers seems to actually hurt you in this one. Probably again why my win rates are pretty high as Alliance in that one.

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    WSG, AB, EotS, TP, ToK, SSM.

    SSM can be frustrating at times, because I play a healer.

    The rest suck. SotA is okay sometimes.
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    more so in the old days. or when the 2 sides decide to fight and not just run past each other :P

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    I'm currently in love with Temple. The pit in the middle has provided no ends of fun recently.

    However, historically, my fav has always been WSG, and once I'm bored with Temple, I'm sure it will be that again

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    WSG. God I've taken good care of that flag. Nice and close, good for smashing Horde. Berserkerhuts are usally always there for the taking. Intimate and I feel it's up to me if I want to win or loose. I always want to win.
    Close second, AB. Love it, just from the days.
    AV is a third. Free honor, brilliant W/L ratio, but I miss its old form. The glorious battles, the summonings, reinforcements. Weekends could go lost in AV, and in the heat of battle, you saw the majestic shiny GMs swirling around with their claymores. Epic win.

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    Current WSG. Old AV would take the cake but that's all gone. ToK is actually really fun, right up their close to WSG. I originally didn't even want to try the 2 new BG's out with how bad the previous 2 expansions new BG's have been. I must say I am impressed with both of them though.

    WSG>ToK>AV>SSM>AB>EOTS>everything else is bad

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    The only ones I can't stand are AV, IoC, and SotA. I don't find vehicle combat fun, and it's so hard to make even the slightest difference in a 40-man BG. I can enjoy any of the other ones honestly. I used to hate WSG too, but since they added a time limit I haven't minded it.

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    AB with a couple of guildies is heaps of fun.
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