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    RO Mobile Game~

    does anybody here know more about the ragnarok online valkyrie uprising mobile game that was posted on the iRO facebook page? i've been looking for more information about the game but i can't seem to find any. i've tried looking into youtube too, but all i got there was RO rebellion of valkyrie mobile game which was in korean.

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    I remember playing the Ragnarok Online Mage-Merchant-Swordman on a mobile phone, those games were subpar, don't try to get everything out of gravity, it has seriously turned out to be just letdowns (hapened to R.O.S.E online and the other MMO-RPG title which I can't remember right now, Granado Espada or something like that, games that didn't take off). Don't hype your expectations, if it's the RO Mobile phone game I'm thinking of just don't get too excited.

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    i have seen those earlier mobile games as well. i believe they were released early or mid 2000s. did not like those too. haha.
    what's wrong with rose? i logged in just the other day, still a lot of players, especially in towns. population got boosted when it got released to steam.

    idk, but looking at this game, it seems nice :3

    seeing the game is still in korean, i think rebellion of valkyrie has been renamed valkyrie uprising [English Version]. still waiting for release date though.

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    wow. looks cool. i've been looking for more info about this game and a release date, all i got was february. no exact date though.

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    Yeah, I saw its FB page but didn't specify the exact date. Hope that it'll be release soon!

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    me too im also gathering more information's regarding on the valkyrie uprising, i also cant wait for the release, but i'm still hoping that there will be an english version.

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    i think the valkyrie uprising is the english one. since most non-english titles gets renamed after being relaunched. just like monster hunter.

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    a little update about ragnarok mobile for those who are not yet aware:

    iRO on Android

    a fan actually managed to integrate iRO with android. app already works, though it works only for 4.0, worth checking out if you guys are interested in playing Ragnarok on your mobile phones. a good sub while waiting for valkyrie uprising to be released.

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    is this also available for blackberry users or other phones?

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    Will they release it on IOS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoist View Post
    Will they release it on IOS?
    i think so. since their pre-registration page have the apple logo on it.

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    any of you guys heard any information about this game? i can't find any updates regarding valkyrie uprising T_T

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    I hope that this would be released soon and in full english. I hope that my big stubby fingers won't be a burden.

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