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    [BiO] Connor Whitestead

    Name: Connor Whitestead
    Age: 35
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Class: Ranger/archer (think of him as a hunter without pet)
    Languages: Common
    Faction: Alliance

    Hardened by battle, Connor is a distrustful guy. To earn his trust, you will have to prove your worth. He will not back down from a fight, but does not actively seek them. If something is bothering him, or someone he cares about, he will speak his mind. He will never openly show any weaknesses. Connor does not take on any leadership role, he feels better when he can do a job without being responsible for everyone. At times he seems like a loner type, but he’s OK with that. Sometimes that is useful, as it has in the past.

    Connor dislikes people who wield magic, unless it gives him some sort of benefit. He also dislikes the horde races, especially the savage Orcs and the arcane addicted blood elves. Worgen are also on the list of dislikes,due to him not trusting anything that transforms into a big beast.

    Connor enjoys a good fight, where he is the victor of course. He also enjoys target practice and honing his skill with his bow. He also enjoys a good drink and relaxing in the evening after a day of fighting or practicing with his bow. He likes Gnomes because they have so many cool inventions, but he mostly never tries them out after hearing how bad it has gone with someone who did.

    At the average height of five foot nine, Connor almost always wears a dark brown or black leather west and pants. His boots are gray leather boots inlaid with thick wool to keep warm. Most of the time he wears gloves as it helps his grip on the bow. He rarely goes anywhere without having his bow on his back. On his belt he has strapped two short, but sharp daggers. The belt also holds a pouch where he keeps various small supplies. Connor always kept his black hair short. His eyes were blue and he has a few scars on his face from battles he has fought, one over his right eyebrow and one on the lower part of his right cheek. On the lower left side of his abdomen is a rather large scar from a sword he was wounded by, but he will never show it because he sees it as a weakness. Other parts of his body also have some bruising. Most of which will heal over time.

    Experienced archer. Thinks of himself as a good fighter, at least unarmed fighting. He is confident. He knows how to take care of himself. He is loyal to those he cares about or trusts.

    He can be short tempered at times. He can also be a bit short sighted, not seeing the big picture in a situation. Sometimes he can make rush judgments.

    Connor lost his grandfather many years ago, in the battle of Stormwind. He remembers very little about him, but it was he who sparked Connors interest in archery. His father, George,had also fought in many battles, but had to retire when he lost his right hand in a battle which cost many their lives. Connor loved his parents deeply so he wove he would find whoever did it and bring he or she to justice. His father tried to talk him out of it, but Connor would not have it. Someone had to pay.
    His grandmother lived in Stormwind, up until the day she passed. She had been in the park the day Deathwing the Destroyer made his statement by laying it to waste, killing anyone who was currently there. This both angered and saddened Connor. He wanted revenge, he was furious. When he heard Deathwing had fallen, he felt both joy and emptiness. Joy because the terrible dragon was gone, but empty because he had lost someone near and dear to him. He had spent a lot of time at his grandparents when he was little; it was always a joyful experience, even after losing his grandfather. His grandmother’s pies always brought a smile to his face. His grandparents on his mother’s side he didn't know, they had passed on before he was born.
    His mother, Miranda, is a tailor who does work for the local citizen, and sometimes she would get special orders from afar. But now she had to tone down on the work to take care of her husband, though he insisted he’d be fine. “He is always this stubborn”, she would say and smile.
    That Connor was away for long periods of time was not something his parents worried about, they trusted him and was confident that he took care of himself. Though they did express some worry when he returned home looking quite beaten, but with a small smile on his face, he had inherited his father's stubbornness. A few drinks and some days to recover was all he needed.

    ((As you can see, I rewrote the character completely, only keeping some basic parts the same. I chose to make it shorter this time to make it easier to read. Also, it's a new thread because editing the old one would've been a tad confusing with the comments already posted.))


    After a couple of weeks of being at home, doing almost nothing, Connor had enough. It was time to get out and about again.
    One day at the Blue Recluse in Stormwind he overheard talks about a tavern in Booty Bay where there'd be people from all over Azeroth and beyond. Curious, and looking for new adventures, he decided to travel to this goblin town at the southern tip of Eastern Kingdoms. Later that evening he made preparations. He packed light, he wasn't planning on being slowed down by big bags of anything. "Only bring the essentials", that was one thing he learned from his father. At dawn the next day he would leave the docks of Stormwind on a boat, looking for new adventures and perhaps meet new people.
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