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    'Lord of the Blings' released (WoW Machinima - LOTR parody)

    With the permission by the moderator 'Zaelsino' to post this here, I thought I'd go ahead and share to the community my little project here.

    I've always wanted to see a WoW Machinima parody of 'The Lord of the Rings', so I made one and here's the result, hope you'll like it:

    Plot: In a melodramatic World of Fantasy, the Dark Lord has somehow returned to enslave All Life for some reason, or something, I don't really know...

    Genre: WoW Machinima | Comedy/Parody | Independent | Fantasy
    Writer, Animator & Director: Hybrim Entertainment
    Ryugi Kazamaru as Flodo, Doromir & Benethor
    Piotr Walczuk as Bandalf
    Takahata101 as Aradorn
    Forrest Jameson of 40PF as Zam, Vegolas & Dilbo
    EliteFerrex as Dimli
    Kovabomb as Berry, Bippin & Greenbeard
    Pretzelman718 as Dollum.

    Hybrim does Youtube:

    Hybrim does Facebook:

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    That was actually better than I expected. Not bad.

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    Seeing as how i know these movies word by word, i'm already enjoying this with its similarities. I'll surely watch the rest of this when i get home tonight... or end up sitting here and watching the whole thing! So far so good, i'll let you know what i think when i view the entirety of it.

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    I'm not going to lie that was painful for watch...

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    These Machinimas are always amazing
    I don't always hunt things, But when I do, It's because their things & I'm a Bear.

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    Having only watched the first 5 minutes so far... good job!!

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