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    I guess I'd consider my current MMOs to be World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, NEStalgia.

    I've seen people count League of Legends in this thread so I'll throw that up on the list as well even though it isn't an MMO.

    Currently playing Monster Hunter World as a dedicated bow user.
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    At the moment, only WoW

    I tried SWTOR last year for a couple of weeks, but ended up losing interest after hitting lvl 20
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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    A little bit of WoW, but I'm mostly playing singleplayer games right now.
    Still pretty much my answer for today

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    I've been looking for a primary MMO since CoH closed. I was hoping GW2 would be that MMO, but it is much too shallow when it come to builds and they are extremely slow when it comes to class patches. I've been jumping around between MMOs trying to find something, but none are sticking. I've tried Rift, TERA, GW2, DDO, TSW, NWO, EQ2, LotRO, DCUO, Champs, STO and probably a few others. Most of these have some goods and bads, but none have been able to really grab me like CoH did.

    Of those listed, I'd say the ones that got the most of my attention would be TERA, Rift and DDO. I enjoy the combat in TERA, but the other systems feel lacking. Rift reminds me of WoW:BC, which is a good thing, and I do like the Rifts and Invasions, but finding good groups, that are willing to take their time for a newbie, has limited some of my experiences. DDO does a pretty good job at making it feel like I'm playing a D&D game (unlike NWO which has zero D&D feel to it), and some of the modules are well crafted as well, but like Rift, it can be difficult to get into the lower level modules where grouping is required.

    I think I'm drawn to Rift/DDO more due to the build variety. Sure, you can make crappy builds, and you can make FOTM builds, but you are also free to make oddball builds just for fun, and that adds a lot to the game for me. TSW does this as well, but I just wasn't feeling the game as a whole at the time. I think I'll give it another go and see what all they've added in the last few months.

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    Just GW2 right now and rather casually at the moment, just logging on during the weekends.

    Between helping my son in school, weight lifting routine, and martial arts training (Aikido) I really don't have the time for MMOs. But I'm planning to try out SWTOR again, casually, once my son is out of school for the summer for a few months.

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    I am playing a few mmo's right now, but I am sure this list will get really short in a month or two.

    1. World of Warcraft (main)
    2. Lord of the Rings Online (coming back to it, Lifetime sub)
    3. Star Trek Online (coming back, Lifetime sub)
    4. Guild Wars 2 (Casually)
    5. Neverwinter (Not sure how long I will be playing it, Foundry is fun but the game seems to lack the D&D feel. Prefer DDO.)
    6. The Secret World (Casually)
    7. Defiance (Not sure how long I will play it)
    8. Age of Wushu (Fun game as a Sandbox, though not sure how long I will play it)

    EDIT: World of Warcraft & Final Fantasy XIV will probably be my two main mmo's.
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    Age of Wushu
    Neverwinter Online
    GW2 (haven't really played it in awhile though)

    and not sure if yall count these or not but...
    World of Tanks (haven't played this one in a month or 2 either though)

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