Hello all, we are a horde side 10 man guild on the vek'nilash US server, seeking consistant raiders and even casuals or pvpers to fill our ranks, we are currently 6/6 1/6 heroic vaults, 5/6 HOF, getting back into raiding after holidays and lack of attendance, and trying to rebuild a solid core, we currently have our previously cleared content on farm with 9 manning or pugging a 10th, but we'd very much like to fill a permanent spot.

If you'd like to know more about the guild, check out our podcast made by fellow officers to see our humor, how we raid and general antics, wowuncensoredshow.podomatic.com or can find wow uncensored on iTunes, or even on our website evangelion.mmochief.com

Evangelion is recruiting 1 ranged dps, preferring an affliction warlock or shadow priest, please be at least raid finder geared with raid experience and solid knowledge of your class.

We raid T/W/T 8:15-11pm CST, server time

Get ahold of us in game or on here, battle tags deededee#1339 or valentine#1129