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    (A) Crusaders, level 70 guild looking for raiders.

    Hello everyone!

    <Crusaders> is a recently created guild on the alliance side of the Burning Blade server, our goal is to go through the ladder of progress, just like it was done in old BC. Starting at 5 men heroics, progressing to Karazhan, Gruul's and Mag's and eventually reaching Sunwell.

    This is not a twink guild though, we are not interested in being ran or helped by higher levels. Our intention is enjoying an experience as close as possible to what old BC raiding was.

    Since the talent trees, spells and classes in general are so much more powerful than they were back in Burning Crusade, some simple rules and guidelines apply:

    - No Heirloom gear (BoA's)
    - No level 80 gems
    - No level 80 enchants
    - No Glyphs
    - No Belt Buckles
    - No Justice Point gear from the Isle of Quel'Danas, since that gear is comparable in item level to some drops from Black Temple and could oversimplify the encounters from the earlier tiers (this rule will be dropped as soon as we start raiding Black Temple and Sunwell since the level of that gear is pertinent to that content).
    - No profession perks that enhance a character's power (Such as special gems for Jewelcrafters or the two extra sockets that Blacksmiths get on their gloves and bracers).

    These rules are there so that we can enjoy an experience as close as possible to what Burning Crusade was like, instead of overpowering content through stacking numbers and making ourselves much more powerful than what would have been expected for that level of content.

    Also, since DPS numbers are much higher now, we will be taking a smaller roster into raids. Instead of taking the usual 25, we'll bring only 10 players to compensate for the blanket 30% HP nerf that was applied at the ending patch to all the raiding bosses in BC (and most of their adds) as well as the fact that our dps is almost three times stronger than the average dps back then.

    So this is it, i guess. For anyone who can commit a few hours of the week (Not dreaming with a hard-core 20+ hours/week schedule) and is interested in giving Burning Crusade another shot, you are much welcome to contact Mistary on the Burning Blade server, through this forum thread or in-game mail to know more about raiding schedules, which classes/specs are currently needed or any kind of information you want.

    Thanks all, hope to see you!

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    Extra information that was not added in the first post.

    1. Concerning glyphs:

    For the reasons that were explained in the previous post, glyphs will not be allowed on most cases, although there will be a few exceptions.

    An example of a glyph that won't be accepted is the kind that will enhance the power of the character in a way that will help us brute force content. Glyphs that enhance healing, damage or anything for that matter will not be allowed.

    An example of a glyph that will be accepted is the kind that is only cosmetic, things that make your character shine or turn some skill into something more good looking are absolutely fine, just please use common sense. If it makes you stronger in any way, don't use it.

    2. Concerning Cross Raiders:

    We will not be accepting cross raiders at this moment since we want to build a strong core that is reliable and commited. For that reason, we want to make sure that the guild and all its members are based on the Burning Blade server. That means of course, that if you want to join, you might have some leveling to do.

    3. The guild bank:

    The guild bank has three tabs at the moment, one for herbalism materials, one for minerals and one for enchanting materials. These will be used by the guild members in the case they are unable to find those or afford them by themselves. That measure is taken because of the way these resources are scarce on the auction house and we want to alleviate the pressure on the members (mainly the ones that might be migrating to this server) for getting the adequate BC gems and enchants. More tabs will be added in the future of the need arises

    4. Concerning "twinks":

    The guild will not be accepting twinks, at least not wearing the "twink" gear, we want players of a gear level that is adequate for raiding the T4 content (Karazhan, Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon't Lair). Like repeated several times before: Our goal is NOT to overpower content through over gearing it.

    5. Yes... Heirlooms are ok for leveling of course, if you want the experience bonus they give that's absolutely fine. Just don't forget to get something else (even if a downgrade) before you get into level 70 content.

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