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    My Stealth keeps breaking for no reason

    I've just started leveling and I'm questing in Pandaria. Sometimes I have followers (NPCs) who follow me as a part of the quest. And sometimes when they follow me and I'm stealthing for no reason I just pop out of stealth.

    And no, I'm not accidentally using Shroud of Concealment. Did anyone ever have this problem?
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    I think it's because of the quests. I noticed that sometimes when I do quests with other NPC(followers) I'm getting out of stealth.

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    Stealth can be quirky with events. I remember when everytime a flag was capped anywhere in AB, you would unstealth.

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    well before mop it happend aaaaaaaall the time. But i have seen it happen now aswell, if you enter a "new zone" with a new name, it happends, or well it used to. So if you want to "world pvp", dont play rogue, because you pop out of stealth whenever the game feels like it
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    I have never had this happen. Have you tried watching your fingers to make sure they're not playing tricks on you?

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    I know we started the expansion with loads of subterfuge-breaking-stealth issues; if you're specces Subterfuge, try speccing out of it long enough to see if this still occurs. If it stops, put in a bug report with the circumstance Subterfuge is breaking stealth for you, and if it doesn't (or you aren't), document situations that cause you de-stealth and bug report that.

    Can't say I ever found myself de-stealth unexpectedly while leveling, personally =(

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    Do you have a companion pet out? This may not happen on us/eu realms because your lag is so good but on Oceanic realms i had this problem with companion pets and some npc. Your player will summon them AFTER you go into stealth and it brakes you right back out.
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    I noticed this too while playing the beta. I think it has something to do with the various new questing event triggers that are used in MoP quests. Some quest objectives use hidden spells automatically cast by the player at seemingly random intervals. This is particularly true for escort / companion npc quests. This usually isn't a problem as historically these hidden spells don't break stealth / dismount the player etc but I did manage to pick at least 2 spells that broke stealth while on the beta in dread waste (and reported the issue) but because addons where disabled for most of my early zone beta playing it was impossible to identify all the causes.
    While levelling on live I rarely bothered using stealth so I was unaware this problem still existed.

    And the summoning of companion pets breaking stealth is a real pain. While on a flying mount and I swoop down and stealth straight off the mount I am then broken out of stealth because it automatically resummons companion pets -.-

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    Im having a lot of troubel in the PTR with stealth breaking for no reason.
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    Hmmm...I don't think I've had that problem of just randomly popping out of stealth. The problem I get is if my NPC guardian (more like NPC aggro monkey) gets into a fight, mobs will use their abilities on me even if I'm in stealth. Also, if they kill my NPC they'll come after me even if I was stealthed the entire time they were murdering him.

    Oh and NPC companions really need to stealth with us...it's annoying losing out on one of our classes key features every time Blizz decides it would be fun to have a panda follow us around...which is surprisingly often.

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    I think the Problem might have something to do with Subterfuge... I have a specc with and one without Subterfuge, in the one with Subt. sometimes my stealth breaks even if my hands are off the keyboard. In the specc without subter i haven't had this issue, so 2 be sure i added subter to this specc and it after doing so the stealth break occured. It might be a random coïncidence but it seems rather suspicious can it be a build in blizz troll ?

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    it could be subterfuge, zone change bugs, phase bugs, the auto zone stealth given to everyone bugging out with our stealth or a companion pet (the Kite's do this a lot if you try to air drop stealth from flying mounts with them active (they're dormant during flight but resummoned automaticly when dropping flight))

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    Subterfuge is bugged. Stealth breaks randomly in pvp as well.
    I'm on my way to kick some ass and all of a sudden BAAAAM no more stealth; Warrior charge inc, I get bitch slapped down to 20% in stun then vanish sprint outta there.

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    Yes sometimes my stealth breaks for no reason

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    zen alch stone proc breaks it idk if that helps but yea.
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