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    Question Hunters VS Dot classes


    I came back to the game from a 2 year break recently, and I wanted to play the only classe ( except monk ) that I never played before, a Hunter.

    It's been a very fun 4 weeks to level to 90, but now I want to pvp. The problem is... I'm used to play hybrid classes mostly, like shaman / priest, classes that can heal themselves. I even played warrior, rogue, druid and mage in my 5 years in WoW. All those classes have some kind of healing abilities / healing passive... Hunters doesnt seem to have any of that if im not mistaken.

    I get that hunters are supposed to have big damage output, I guess its offense is its defense, but now as a fresh 90 I feel helpless against any classes that has DoTs. BGs seems to be filled with shadowpriest/lock these days, and it feels like they just tab dot everyone... As a hunter, you cant really just reduce the DoT effect on your health by healing yourself, or just use a reduce/absorb incomming damage with a CD, cause we dont have any. Well there's Deterance, but it doesnt last that long and you cant do anything while using it..

    so my question is : How do you guys deal with classes that are DoT heavy?

    I guess the obvious answer is "roll with a healer lol", but the friend im playing with is an Ele shaman.

    Thx for any imput!

    PS: Sorry for any english mistake, it is not my main language.
    PSS: Again, maybe im mistaking how hunters works lol, if so, please spread the light!
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    Hey mate. Currently, if played well, Hunters are the best class to play pvp wise, if played well. Hunters do have a fair heal. They have spirit bond, which I don't personally use, but can heal a fair bit over time. Exhiliration, although, heals about 120k. In 2's for arena's if you pop exhil and then readiness and exhil again, you're near full health.
    Hunters can take a while to get used to, but once a master at them, and geared, watch you own people! As a geared and skilled hunter, I have trouble with only 3 classes. Locks, frost mages and frost dks. It's impossible to kite a lock as their fears are endless, I have trouble reacting to a frost mages burst (so so big), and I cannot kite a good DK due to the slows! But other than that i can handle anything. In a 2's environment, I have found that I work much much better with another good dps. Hunters and heals don't go that well. But thats just my opinion! I reccommend a Lock or DK as a partner. As for dots, nothing you can do really. Always aim for the dotters haha ! Anyways mate, enjoy playing a Hunter. They're really fun.

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    You can always spec for Spirit Bond althouth i think Aspec of the iron hawk is better for pvp (15% dmg reduction)

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    Your only option is tier 3 talents and locking down the caster. I guess we're designed to suffer from DoT classes anyway.

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    Hunters have a self healing ,Exhilaration , the problem is the 2m cd

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    You need to kite like a mofo. Hunter defense is about kiting not about self heals, we do have a couple of small ones but its mostly kiting that needs to be done to survive. Against casters is about interrupting them and blowing them up before they blow you up. From an MM standpoint you have Silence, Feign Death, Camouflage, Deterrence, Crane Sleep, Scatter Shot and you can always readiness and have everything back up again. So yeah my point is hunter is about avoiding damage one way or the other not healing through it.
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    thx for the responces guys, I didnt know about Spirit bound, and forgot about Exhilaration lol, I always had Iron Hawk and forgot about the other choices.
    I'm sure it will get better when I have more then 310k hp lol, but so far, pvp is harsh haha!

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