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    Competent Ret LF RBG team for 5.2

    [Note: I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this -- if not, I apologize]

    I am a solid Ret with ~80k honor kills. I have done most of my pvp in randoms and have won over 50% of those; I like to think b/c I can carry a lot of idiots.

    I have been playing my paladin main for 8 years. Never really did competitive pvp b/c couldn't find a group. With Oqueue I have finally been able to do some RBGs (currently 8-5 with Oqueue pugs, ~1400 rating). I understand how to focus a target, target switch and rotate CC.

    Looking for an EST RBG group for 5.2 so I can get into playing them more regularly and with familiar players.

    EDIT: I have full dreadful with 3 malev pieces, including malev weapon. By 5.2 I will have full malevolent with 4 or 5 fully upgraded.

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    I understand this is gonna be shitty news, but until Blizzard gives Ret some sort of utility that only Ret gets or is strong enough to warrant Ret usage in RBG's, its going to be hella hard to find a group. It's just going to be hard to convince an RBG leader to take you over a solid DK or rogue for the 1-2 Non-FC melee slots that RBG teams have. Most serious teams will probably look something like:
    FC (Warrior/Druid)

    Frost Mage

    Resto Sham
    3rd healer

    Because as Ret we don't have anything comparable to aoe grip, aoe stealth, or smoke bomb, most teams really are never looking for a Ret, even if you know what you are doing. (A skilled DK is more useful to the team than a skilled Ret)

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    Yeah, I totally understand that. I'm not looking for a group shooting for 2500 rating, just a competitive one that's looking for competent players.

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