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    Switch from keyboard to Nostromo.. made a review + keybind video for anyone intereste

    <snipped video>
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    How come you dismissed movement on the dpad so fast? I agree the joystick knob is horrible and should be removed no matter what you use it for. But without it I think it's fine.

    It just opens up so many possibilities if you can map movement to the thumb instead of 3 fingers. I mean you can't even hit 1 or 3 when strafing left/right without crazy finger acrobatics. That's a huge flaw with any standard WASD like setup.

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    I'm afraid this wouldn't work for me.

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    If you're not going to use the pad for movement....what benefit is it giving you? Serious question. Your keybind layout looks like using a standard edsf or wsad but with way less keybinds in close proximity for you.

    I've been using a G13 since about last july, and It's fantastic PRECISELY because of adjusting to using the stick for movement (it's still digital so it's easy to emulate wsad with it). The only benefit these devices confer exists because of that, which then gives you access to ridiculous amounts of keybinds. The G13 has another row of keys as well, which is a huge plus. Highly recommended.

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    Oh the G13 always looked nice except I never saw one in a store so I always wondered what the joystick felt like.
    Just today I also saw the new Razer Orbweaver with mechanical buttons and it looks pretty nice, stupid expensive though.

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    Tried it, send it back useless equipment.

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    i have the saitek pro command gamer unit (think thats what its called) that i used a lot in the past. i love the idea of the game pads like this but i have since stopped using them over the years. i do think its a bit silly to not use the movement pad/stick, but i can imagine emitting its use cause it can sometimes be a bit of a pain of setting up (especially with the saitek unit).

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