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    Stun reduction in PVP

    Hi all,

    do you know if this two abilities and the meta stack?
    you can have an effective stun reduction of 45% in pvp?

    Hardiness - Orc Racial
    Duration of Stun effects reduced by an additional 15%.

    Frost Presence - Death Knight
    Strengthens you with the presence of Frost, increasing Runic Power generation by 20%, and reducing the duration of effects that remove control of your character by 20%.

    Powerful Primal Diamond
    +324 Stamina and Stun Duration Reduced by 10%


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    Assuming it stacks, which seems very possible, as it will otherwise ruin the benefit of said racial/pressence/meta gem which isnt the design intention, the math should go like this:

    (1-0,15)(1-0,2)(1-0,1) = 0,85*0,8*0,9 = 0,612

    1-0,612 = 38,8% stun duration reduction.

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