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    [H] <MoX> Grim Batol 8/16 HC - LF 1 melee DPS!

    About MoX as a community:
    First and foremost MoX or, Malevolants of Xibalba, is a multi-gaming community that puts fair-play and teamplay first. Created in 1998, MoX has participated in many different games, from MMORPG's to FPS, to Arcade games, we've played practically everything. Anyone with a passion for gaming, whether it be experienced veterans, your everyday gamer or new players looking for a non elitist home; everyone 18 years or older is welcome!

    MoX WoW:
    Since the start of Cataclysm, MoX WoW has been going through some incredible growth. I think it's safe to say we're now one of the most active guilds on Horde Grim Batol, if not the most active. From the more serious guild activities, such as progression raiding with three raidteams; one or more alt raids; weekly RBG's, to the more casual guild grouping, such as old content; farm achievements; pwn some random bg's; or some arena's for fun etc. etc.
    However most important is that we're a group of awesome people that like to help each other out and know how to have a good time!

    MoX PvE:
    Our aim is to experience all content Blizzard is offering us; while it's current content. That said, our 10man raidteams are competing to be the furthest progressed 3 d/w raiding guild on Grim Batol.

    We are currently raiding with strong 10man raiding teams both competing with another MoX guild for first achievements and proving themselves by pushing MoX up the ranks. At the end of Cataclysm we've managed to jump up to the top 1800 10man guilds, making us eager to continue this trend in Mists of Pandaria and get even higher up, while maintaining our 3 days a week raiding schedule.

    Recruitment is currently open for the following classes:

    1x Shaman Enh
    1x Warrior DPS
    1x Monk DPS (top choice!)
    Exceptional applications always welcome.

    What we are looking for in our Raiders:

    If you can answer the following questions with a "yes", then you might be just what we're looking for!

    Are you 18 years or older?
    Are you striving to get the maximum out of your character?
    Do you have a stable internet connection?
    Are you able to communicate in fluent English?
    Are you able to play atleast two specs on the class you are applying with?
    Do you learn from your mistakes?
    During progression, can you sustain your attendence close to a 100%?
    Can you handle criticism?

    For more info:
    Website: moxguild dot com
    You can PM us on our forums with any questions you might have: Hordecore & Sillvynei. And we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
    Real ID: Ituralde #2544

    Or feel free to contact us in-game outside of raidtimes. Just ask for an Officer and you should get redirected.

    Make sure to put plenty of time and effort into making an application. "Rushed" applications will not be considered and will get declined straight away.

    /MoX Officer team.

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